Am I Wrong to Believe There is Hope in Front of Me?

Life is about moving forward. If we move backward, then we are living in the past. Reflect on the past to propel yourself further but sometimes progress is s-l-o-w. Times like this are to remind us, we are growing in an area of our life that took years to develop. Our mindset is always evolving by what we surround and tell ourselves. The habits we have did not form overnight. So why do we expect progress to happen any sooner than it is suppose to?

How do you get from where you are now to where you want to be in life?

  • Find inspirational sources to encourage you
  • Listen to powerful music
  • Meditate
  • Align your life with the vision you have for yourself
  • Inspire others
  • Dream bigger

Two songs that have got me excited for what is to come are “Hope In Front of Me” by Danny Gokey and “Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz.


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30 Tokens of Wisdom about Change

The phrase, “It takes twenty-one days to form a habit” encourages us to change in three weeks. Is change really possible in such a short period? For some it may work, but for others (let’s face it) it may take longer.

Change begins with a focus. I took a 4-step guide to discovering who you’re meant to be, Oprah had published. It helped me realize I am living out my purpose. Once I had confirmation about my purpose, I started a plan to focus on.

Through tokens of wisdom from mentors, family, friends, entrepreneurs, and books, here are what has helped me make better choices in life. Habits are what we choose to do daily. Some days are going to be easier than others, but keep going because you’re closer than you think.


  1. Early to bed, early to rise.
  2. Carry a pen and paper with you for spontaneous thoughts and creativity.
  3. “You have to plan out what you ultimately want to achieve, and then create a content strategy that gets you there.” Brian Clark
  4. Exercise does your mind and body good.
  5. “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Leo Tolstoy
  6. “Know your purpose. Live your dreams.” Lynette Lewis
  7. “Passion must be in your heart and at the top of your mind every morning when you get up and prepare to push forward.” C.C. Chapman
  8. 24 hours are in a day, carve out time for you.
  9. “Write things that make people think. Inspire people. Change lives. Create value. Blow people away with your usefulness.” Corbett Barr
  10. Live beyond your comfort zone, you might like it there.
  11. Accountability partners are like insurance. It’s something you need all the time, especially in times of emergencies.
  12. “I have a purpose and big vision, amplified by my goals and specific tactics that I apply to my life, blog, and business.” Natalie Sisson
  13. You are not defined by your job/title/position.
  14. “Your fear of failure, as valid as it may be, is only a sign that you’re doing something challenging, pushing your own boundaries. Don’t let it stop you from trying.” Corbett Barr
  15. Your past has shaped your present. The future is what you make of it.
  16. “Develop strong relationships with strong people.” Steve Gutzler
  17. “To unleash your power, start believing in your power.” Randy Gage
  18. “Wake up with a purpose and go to bed with a dream.” #Oola
  19. Read often to think outside your own opinions.
  20. “You alone are the judge of your worth and your goal is to discover infinite worth in yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks.” Deepak Chopra
  21. “A champion’s heart can not be taught or found without a good dose of humility and respect for others.” Tim G. Carter
  22. “We all need something to hope for, to live for and to die for. What we do to meet all those needs is what defines who we are.” Bruno Coelho
  23. Use your manners. People will remember you for them.
  24. Respect is only given when it is earned.
  25. “Create a vision for the future. Move towards something that matters.” Alli Polin
  26. Dream big, everyday.
  27. “You alone are the judge of your worth and your goal is to discover infinite worth in yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks.” Deepak Chopra
  28. Be honest, even if it hurts.
  29. Do it until it becomes a habit.
  30. “Buried within you is an unlimited capacity for creation.” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

A Mind in Motion Stays in Motion

I have heard my mom tell me that a body in motion stays in motion for as long as I can remember. After not giving my mom enough credit, I started a new workout routine that involves running. I loathe running. Running is the most painful thing I can put my body though an extended period. Trust me, I have done the HIIT/Bootcamp/CrossFit training before, but running is a whole new ball game. After a few weeks of hitting the pavement, I must say it is finally getting easier to go the distance.

So what does all this have to do with the mind? I decided to use the same logic for my business goals. It’s one thing to write them down and “work” on them throughout the year while it’s another to start reaching them. Once I sent out my first proposal of the year, I was looking forward to sending out my second. Success doesn’t come overnight, but the mentality you have to keep moving gets you there.

Mind - Motion

Today, right now, are you happy with where you are in life? What needs to change? Do it.

Got an excuse?

Tell it to someone who is in the same boat as you and you won’t grow.

Tell it to someone who was once where you were and they will encourage you today is the day to make a change.

Here are some practical ways to keep your mind in motion:

  • Define success. What is the vision you have when you reach your goal? Describe as if it were today.
  • Make a plan to get there. Take steps, sometimes it takes one day at a time but keep moving.
  • Reward yourself. When you take a step further than you were yesterday, reward yourself without taking a step back.
  • Share results with your peers. It is only fair to share with your peers when you fail and succeed.
  • Ask for an accountability partner. This is the push you need when your mind is battling the old-thinking and new-thinking.
  • Encourage others. When you encourage others, it is a self-motivator to keep going yourself to be an example. It is not a pride thing, but a sense of respect others may have toward you.
  • Find a mentor. Invest time with him or her to help you grow in the areas you are not able to on your own.

If you LIKE my business page on Facebook, you will see a common thing happening on Fridays I call a “Friday Focus”. The topic varies by what you suggest or what comes to mind. My goal is to help YOU, the reader, to take away something valuable than you may not have considered before.

Once your dreams start becoming your reality, the possibilities are endless and the world cannot stop you.

On Wednesday, I posted this on Facebook:

@IamRachal FB status update

@IamRachal FB status update

Two days later, let me tell you how excited I am I pushed myself then to see what’s happening in my life today.

The meeting I had made myself go on Wednesday set my thinking process in motion. The message gave me a new direction to consider, which aligned with the meeting I had this morning. This past week, I have persevered knowing I am on the verge of a new season of letting go of fear, erasing the doubt from my life, and to start the path I choose to follow.

There isn’t a guide-book to life. As an entrepreneur, I find myself with a burning desire to continue connecting my ambition with my dreams. (So what, isn’t dreaming what got you here in the first place?) I had dreams to set my schedule, it happened. I had a business goal to work for Every Nation Campus Harvest; I’m doing it. I had a dream to share my story and encourage others; I get to do that with every blog post and speaking event I attend.

Once your dreams start becoming your reality, the possibilities are endless and the world cannot stop you.

@IamRachal original

@IamRachal original

I challenge YOU with this: If you have the will, you will find a way. Now, what’s stopping you? How can I help?

Discover Your Passion and Live IT

What is your purpose? Your passion?

What gets you UP in the morning? What keeps your mind fluttering with ideas?

When you discover it, start acting out what it is you were made to do.

People are often surprised when they hear I am a 26-year-old entrepreneur. My ability to work with diverse teams and help us reach a common goal has always energized me! From marching band, advertising campaigns in school, and now working with different companies.

I know it might be easier said, the done. Try volunteering, keep a journal of your thoughts and dreams, and find ways to test the waters of what MOVES you.

You will never know until you try…


Remind yourself of this truth!

“You have dozens of hidden abilities and gifts you don’t know about because you’ve never tried them out. So I encourage you to try doing some things you’ve never done before. No matter how old you are, I urge you to never stop experimenting.” Rick Warren

Are you a Life-Giver?

Every day the world is demanding our attention more than we would normally allow, but what can we do about it? Our family needs us, the job is expecting us to show up, our friends need our support, and little things in between need our attention. How do we balance it all and still stay sane? There is no easy answer to this, but when I have gained the love and support of some successful life-givers it seems to have made life easier.

The beauty of being a life-giver is to bring life to everyone you meet. Life-givers are people who can brighten your day with a smile, kind word, or a hug. Even on your worst day, this person can make it seem possible to get through. When you receive a message from this person, the words seem to hit close to your situation and lift your spirits higher.

When you surround yourself with life-givers, it seems to refresh and energize you to get through the rest of your day. If you know of someone or a handful of people who do this, cherish them! Some people are natural life-givers while others try to be. It is a blessing to bring life into someone’s life no matter how small or big of an impact it maybe.

We may not be able to control what the world expects from us, but if we stay close to the life-givers in our life we can transfer the energy they give us to someone who needs it.

Do you know anyone who does this to you?

You don’t choose your life, you live it

I have heard the phrase “Life isn’t fair, so get used to it” for as long as I can remember. I never liked hearing it and have used it as my goal to live life beyond what life put in front me. I learned quickly that life is not what I thought it would be at this point in my life, but I do not have to compromise by accepting what the world has told me it is.

Are you living a life full of value? What are you doing today to bring you closer to your dreams tomorrow? You don’t choose your life, you live it! When you take a hold of your life and start living in moments that lead to memories, you start living a life worth while.

Living like this is rewarding with these simple steps.

Make an adventure or buck list of all the things you want to do in life. Look at this list to remind you, you life is full of wonder. When you give into your sense of wonder, you will be more likely to go out and finish something on your list.

Love others more. Really. This might sound weird or maybe unrealistic to some, but it is well worth trying. When you put others before yourself, your heart starts to feel things it might not have felt before. Love is a verb. A verb is an action word. (You know where I am going with this.) Act in a way others can see how much you care about them. Not everyone will reciprocate, but it builds your character regardless.

Compare your life to your dreams, not others. When you start comparing your life to those around you, you can either get instant motivation or depression. Either emotion is temporary until you start living the life that brings you closer to your dreams.

How do you do this? Visualize your life when your dreams get accomplished by creating a dream board. Have you ever cut out magazine clippings and made them into a collage? This is the same thing. Find pieces that represent your dreams to inspire you to make them into a reality. Dream big and dream often by making new boards as you go through life.

Listen more, talk less. The more you listen to others, the more you can learn from their mistakes. You may not agree with what everything everyone may say to you, but you can at least respect them enough to listen. Advice is wisdom with a smile. Take mental notes on who you admire and model your life’s actions after theirs.

I will be 25 years old in less than 12 hours. My life has reached a milestone. I am a quarter of a century and am eager to see how the rest this century plays out with me living life to the fullest.

How are you living your life?

Motivation. What’s Yours?

When I made a decision to chase my dreams, this is what I told myself.

Has everyday life gotten any easier? No.

Have I found time to do all the things I want to do? Not exactly.

Is it worth it? One day, I’ll see the fruit of my labor.

What keeps you going? The path of my future gets closer with every step.

Reasons to smile  (:

Keep chasing your dreams.

Fall into a routine that will keep you sane.

Don’t give up because you’re worth investing in.

Live the life you want to live.