6 Ways to Overcome Social Media Overload

We all know social media helps us stay connected to those near and far away. I can browse through wedding and baby albums and send my congratulations in seconds. In return, I can share my adventures with my Handsome and others can see what we are doing since he has been back from training. Staying connected is important and enriching our lives. What happens when you get social media overload and cannot keep up?

You know what I’m talking about…

Alerts on our smartphones, reminders sent to e-mail, notifications on Facebook, mentions on Twitter, and everything in between is hard to manage. I admire the journey Jason Surfrapp is going through. He took a 30-day social media detox. When you run an online marketing business like we do, taking a break from social means no money. I am sure logistically speaking he knew what he needed to do to cover the gap of time. For me, I follow these steps to disconnect to recharge myself and my work to prevent social media overload.

1.  Your time is valuable. Limit the amount of time you are on social media. I have found browsing during a set time frame gives you your fix and get off. Without set limits hours go by and life happens without you.

2.  Airplane mode. I spoke with an Australian business man who reminded me of this feature. Turn your devices to airplane mode to get peace from the outside world. He suggested to do this to get a good chunk of work done. I have done it when I go out for a walk in my neighborhood. It’s your turn to think of clever ways to use this feature.

3.  Do Not Disturb for iPhone. This feature turns off notifications and most calls (contacts not set as favorites).

4.  Uninstall / Reinstall. It is that simple. The app will still be there in the App Store to reinstall when you are ready for it.

5. The cell phone stacking game . Have you played? It is a simple and sure way to get the attention of those you are engaged with at a certain time. My family and friends play it when we go out to eat.


6. Filters. I am one person. I run a business. My clients think they are my only client. On social media, I am managing anywhere from 2 to 7 accounts a day (on Twitter alone). Every social media platform has filters or customized settings to clear through the noise.

Twitter: use lists effectively

I unfollowed over 150 people and added him/her/company to an assigned list. I can only take in so much on my home feed. When I know to know something about health, I will look at my health/food list. When I need motivation, I will search the #HustleMuscle or quotes list to get it.

Facebook: to be-friend someone or not to-be friend someone — use categorizes

Again, I cannot keep up with over 500 Facebook friends at any given time. I have added categorizes of how we met. Did we meet during school, work, or church? Guess what? You have a filter on your account to help me keep up with your life. The home feed gives me a recap of everyone and sometimes it can be time consuming. “Liked” pages also have this setting with subscriptions. Use them for instant updates or go to them when you are ready to browse the pages interest.

Pinterest / Instagram are straight forward. Follow or unfollow.


If you LIKE my business page on Facebook, you will see a common thing happening on Fridays I call a “Friday Focus”. The topic varies by what you suggest or what comes to mind. My goal is to help YOU, the reader, to take away something valuable than you may not have considered before. If you want to contribute to an upcoming Friday Focus, please leave me a comment and we can make it happen. 

“Be the Change You Want to See in the World” -Gandhi

With the help of my current devotion Building Better Relationships, I have realized it is a consistent process. I knew eight lessons would not have instant success in creating and maintaining relationship, but hoped it would make the process easier. I have been encouraged to keep fighting and as Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I used the adjective fighting in there because it’s true. It is so easy to sit back, relax, and let the relationships in my life just fade away but that is not what I’ve been called to do.

I have been told “I’m too nice” and never really knew how to react to such a statement. I used to shrug it off, think it was a bad thing, and then worry about trying to toughen up a bit. Now, I have peace knowing “I’m too nice” because the world is not used to seeing someone who genuinely cares about them the way I try to do. My faith in God makes me feel all warm with an inner joy I cannot help but share with everyone I meet. If that makes me too nice, then I’m only trying to live the way Jesus did when he walked the earth. Am I close to his image? Far from it, but I’m trying…

With that said, I am going to summarize what I’ve learned from the past two lessons of the devotional. Encouraging one another is something as a Christ follower must do. Everyone thrives on recognition and praise in some shape or form. I do not intend to just throw out encouragement because I tend to connect what I feel to what I say. In turn, I should not encourage in hopes I would get it back. << This has been the hardest lesson I have learned. It’s been easy for me to encourage others, but hard to accept I may not get it back. God has reassured me,  “No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Joshua 1:5)

By taking this road in life, I know it’s not all about me anymore. My self-importance isn’t greater than another. My self-occupation is not important as someone who needs me. My self-affection needs to be lower than someone else. My self-protection needs to be open to hearing what others think and feel. My self-inspection should not be controlled by my emotions but my obedience in what is right. My self-sufficiency is to be pushed aside when I have help come by way. By giving it all to God, I have room for others in my life than just “me, myself, and I.” This opens doors for connections in others and a chance for me to honor them. Everyone craves a sense of self-worth and acceptance. This is easier to give people by honoring them in a Godly way. I have learned to balance conversations where it’s equally what is on someone’s mind and then what is on my heart. It’s not as easy as just listening until it is my turn to speak, but to be really interested in someone to create that open atmosphere of honor and care.

I don’t blame my birth order by being the youngest of three on being selfish, but for as long as I can remember I wanted attention or praise. Throughout life, I have done things that would bring achievement in my life. It’s not a certificate or a passing grade, it is more than that. Once I realized there’s nothing I can or cannot do to lose God’s love for me, I felt different. I looked at my parents and realized they did the best they could raising three kids and knew the hole in my heart for satisfaction had to come from something bigger and greater than you or I. Now, I am made whole by a love that consumes my heart and outflows into how I see the world.

Worth sharing:

A Powerful Compass

by Joyce Meyer – posted August 23, 2011

And let the peace (soul harmony which comes) from Christ rule (act as umpire continually) in your hearts [deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds, in that peaceful state] to which as [members of Christ’s] one body you were also called [to live].
—Colossians 3:15
People who do things they don’t have peace about have miserable lives and don’t succeed at anything. If you are doing something, like watching television, and you suddenly lose your peace about what you are watching, you have heard from God. He is saying to you, “Turn it off. Go the other way.” If you lose your peace when you say something unkind, God is speaking to you. It will save you a lot of trouble if you will stop talking or apologize right away. God leads His people through peace. Anytime you lose your peace you are hearing from God. There is nothing more powerful than the compass of peace in your heart. Follow after it. Follow peace!

From the book Ending Your Day Right by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2004 by Joyce Meyer. Published by Warner Faith. All rights reserved.