The Recipe for Success

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”

Bruce Lee

Who defines success? What makes someone successful? If you are searching for answers to these questions and want the recipe for success, then continue reading.


Define Your Dream. Start dreaming of something big. Now, dream of something bigger than that. When your dreams become your reality, you have found success. 

Define what it is you are seeking. Create a dream board or write down specifically what you want to see manifest in your life.

Hustle/Work hard. Nothing in life is easy. Make scarficies now because it pays off later. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. 

Plan to take Action. Without a plan a dream is just a thought. Map out small steps leading you closer to your specific goal. Accomplishing smaller steps give you momentum to keep going to finish strong.

Review progress every three months. The new year is easy to proclaim new changes. Will it last? Evaluate your action plain once every three months to see if you need to pick up the pace or get back on track. 

Reward yourself. Did you reach a milestone sooner than expected? Cherish it. Take a short break and know it is ok to celebrate. 

Share progress / Collaborate with others. Are you in a community who knows about your goals? Are you sharing your success or failures? A community will pick you up when you need a lift, and celebrate with you when your dreams are met. 

My name is Rachal Tarquin and I’m a Marketing Advisor at RT Consulting.

My dream was to create my own job description to do the all things I want to do to help people. I desire to have an income level to pay off my debt, current bills, save for the future, and some left over to give back. 

My journey started four years ago. A year ago I made a sacrifice to work six days a week. I built up enough momentum to position myself in a better work schedule.

When I evaluated my progress, I was making progress in my goals but my dream wasn’t complete until I found the decision-makers and key influencers of businesses. 

A client of mine is working with me to grow his business. We wrote my job description into his business plan. Ironically, it involves talking with key decision makers of Fotune 500 companies. 

There was a need to network more, so I scheduled myself to attend events twice a month. I reached out and found connections to shape my own
community. Recently, I had the privilege of networking with entrepreneurs in Miami Beach, Florida for #GrowthCon. 

My dream is within reach. My success is shared with you and those I trust. I rewarded myself with buying a second monitor for my computer.

The road to success isn’t a defined path. We make our own way as we move forward in what we believe in. 

Neuro, the New Hero of Drinks

Have you caught on the Neuro drinks craze? I have noticed the brand in stores but I thought it was another energy drink I’d rather stay away from. That is what I thought until a customer in front of me was buying one. He purchased a Neuro Daily, took the receipt, and turned around to face me. “Here. Try this, on me,” he said. And off he went. Never to be seen again.

I asked the cashier if he was serious. The drink was already paid for, so what was the harm? It was the end of the day and I had to get home anyway. I paid for my groceries to make dinner. When I got home I chilled the drink while I made dinner.

After dinner, I had some consulting work to tackle. I knew it was going to be a long night. I was already tired from the day and now feeling lethargic after feasting on dinner. Should I make a pot of coffee? Make a run to Starbucks? Then I remembered the Neuro Daily in my refrigerator. I took it out and began to drink it as I started on my work.

The Neuro Daily has a tangerine citrus, light carbonated flavoring that was actually quite refreshing. It reminded me of a Sprite but tastier without the heavy fizz. The flavors were smooth enough to take a few sips without leaving an after taste in my mouth.

As I continued working I noticed my mood had changed. Maybe it was the cold, refreshing drink or my mindset telling me to tackle my work, but there was a pep in my step. (Even though I was sitting in front of a computer screen.) My brain was clearer with a focus on my work. When the bottle was empty, I felt fine. I did not have a craving for more but would have indulged if I had another.

Was it the drink? Or was it my natural instincts kicking in? I honestly could not tell you. Something about the combination working together made my evening of work pleasant.


neuroDailyTM is formulated to be a daily dose of immunity to help keep you going, help keep you thriving and help keep you healthy. Stress, lack of sleep and poor eating habits can break down our defenses. Packed with Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, and other essential ingredients, neuroDailyTM enables you to be the best you can be… well, daily.


Disclaimer: *This blog is not endorsing Neuro Drinks, or was asked to write a review. This blog was written with the intent to be a review of my personal experience to collaborate with other readers who may or may not have experienced Neuro.*

Focus, Plan, Rest, and Repeat.

Ask any entrepreneur whose clock he or she is on and they will tell you, someone else’s. I thought I would have plenty of “me time” when I branched out on my own, but it has be far from the truth. I report to clients, assistants, contacts, and many more at any given time of the day. The best way to secure some time aside for rest is to make it.

An average work week consists of me working 5.5 to 6 days a week. During that time frame, I schedule time for meetings, e-mails, online relationships, in-person relationships, projects, and the list goes on. I take a half day on Sunday to rest and focus for what lies ahead. I take another half day on a slow day to catch up on other things off the to-do list.

Even with all the technology we have today, I still favor the pen and paper to focus and plan my week. On Sunday’s, I map out my week that starts like this:


When I can visually see how my work week looks like, I see where I need to rest, focus, or plan. Since scheduling works best for me, I block out adequate time or me to rest in between.

Rest, to me, includes:

– Leisure Reading
– Floating on Pinterest
– Exercising
– Taking a Nap time
– Meal Prep
– Cooking/Baking
– Netflix break
– Yobe run
– Grocery Shopping
– Meditation
– Going for a Walk
– Instagram feed

After resting in the one or more of the events above, I am energized to repeat the process all over again.

How does your week look like?