Creativity is Found “Outside The Fish Bowl”

As a marketer and creative person, my brain is split 50/50. I can think about numbers and strategy with a balanced creative outlet to make a plan come alive. Most of my marketing efforts are done online with today’s technology support. Truth be told, only half of my creativity is found online. ::gasp:: I love to browse on Pinterest and read articles, but when I am offline my creativity gains momentum.

When you work on similar projects over and over, how do you stay sharp? What sparks your creativity? My sister has always told me to, “Think outside the fish bowl“. And she is absolutely correct.

I have made it a healthy habit to eat lunch away from any technology or device. I try to communicate with those around me (if someone is there). And if not, I pick up a book or magazine and start reading. I try to stay off technology so I can recharge my brain. When I am flipping through a magazine, I try to find inspiration in whatever project I am working on. I read through a book and write down great quotes.

How do you nourish your creativity? What methods work best for you?

Source credit: Social Outlier |  Words: RT Consulting

9 ways to “Think Outside the Fish Bowl”

  1. Subscribe to different magazines to catch up on industry trends. The top of my list are Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., Oprah, Health Magazine, and Jacksonville Magazine.
  2. Read an industry/business book on a regular basis. I have a habit of ready many book at the same time. I go back and forth. The books on my bookshelf are: Creativity for Sale by Jason SurfrApp, The Business Side of Creativity by Cameron S. Foote, and Start Your Own Business by Entrepreneur Press.
  3. Exercise. Seriously. The more I exercise the less tension I have in my body. I light weights and balance it out with cardio. I drink lots of water (after my morning blueberry juice and coffee) throughout the day to stay hydrated. My mind spins around all day with ideas and when I workout, it boosts something inside me to do it again another day.
  4. Meditation and pray. It has been said you have to work for a work/life balance. When you have a focus on what is important and what isn’t, life goes smoother. When you mediate on this and pray over it, life’s goals are within reach.
  5. Get off technology and network, mingle, and mean it. We are all behind a desk or pushing the deadline. A genuine connection offline can enhance who you are and your work performance. Try it.
  6. Watch a movie. What is your favorite movie of all time? If you had to stop and think about it, you need to disconnect more. Life is about sharing experiences with one another. A movie is a great way to use your imagination.
  7. Make a dream/vision board. I love how my mom and Nicole Sanchez live out their dreams. Both have shared with me the dreams they have for their life and show me. It comes in the form of a few magazine clippings, words, drawings, and crafy things in between to bring their dream to life.
  8. Get back with nature. I like to garden. I loathe doing yard work. When I am walking around in my backyard, I soak it all in. The humid air, sun shine, birds chirping, and my vegetable plants growing. Nature never ceases to amaze me as it is constantly evolving.
  9. Write your thoughts down. Thoughts are fleeting through our mind every day. When you write them down so you can go back to them and evolve them.

5 Areas to Grow in 2014

As I sit down to write out my 2014 goals, it is hard to fathom where the last 365 days have gone. Instead of worrying of what didn’t get done in 2014, I am looking forward to what a new year may bring for me and my business. Like my friend Daisy had said, “In 2014, I’m working on changes.” As I grow in the different areas of my life, change will happen for the better.

2014 GoalsRTC (as a(n) business/entrepreneur)

  1. Plan ahead better
  2. Blog to share my voice and be heard
  3. Be confident in my strengths
  4. Do not be afraid of change
  5. Network more

@IamRachalT (personal life)

  1. Disconnect from “everything” once in a while
  2. Read one “business/inspiring/just because” book a month
  3. Exercise 5X/week
  4. Let IT be
  5. “Be fully present where you are” 1000Gifts


  1. Tithe consistently
  2. Pray over the specific desires of my heart
  3. Pray for others
  4. Be available to serve and give back
  5. Reach out when I need a LIFT

Family + Rob

  1. Call/Skype those who aren’t local
  2. Make date night important
  3. Make family night important
  4. Include them in achievements and ask about theirs
  5. Stay connected offline more than online


  1. Be social, more
  2. Say ‘yes’ more
  3. Be available
  4. Stay connected offline more than online
  5. Make lunch/coffee meet-ups dates important

What are your 2014 resolutions? What goals do you want to achieve? How can I help?

SOAK Philosphy

I received the prayers and support I needed to take my trip to NYC for Campus Harvest. I have family in Buffalo, which is six hours away from the “Big Apple”, so I have been fortune enough to roam upstate New York to see how things have changed. Oh, how many things have changed. All these thoughts left me to SOAK in how far I have come since the last time I was here.

When was the last time I …

saw snow?
caught myself from biting a nail from nerves or boredom?
didn’t wear makeup?
threw on a jacket and played outside?
took a walk in the park to hear nature?
had lunch and kept my phone in my purse?
slept in and let sunlight wake me up?
took a bubble bath?
read a book?

I have been in New York for eight days and I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am to be here! I will be flying to NYC on Wednesday. A part of me is thrilled beyond words while the other part of me is taking moments like this all in. I am SOAKing in what is now and hopeful for what is to come.

 When was the last time you SOAKed?

Speak words of assurance of truth and faith
Observe where I am now, where I have come, and where I am going
take Action to move forward
Keep balance and repeat

How far have you come? Now imagine, how far you can go

Have Faith in How Far You Can Go |

“Do you trust me?”

These are the words I heard last weekend at Southpoint Community Church as I worshiped with college students at Campus Harvest. Instantly, my heart cried out, “I trust you, Lord!”

“Now, come to New York”

What’s in New York? What is Campus Harvest? It’s a two in a half-day event where hundreds come together, grow closer in their relationship with God, and seek His promises for the next season of their life. New York, New York is the last conference of the year.

In 2010, Campus Harvest gave me an opportunity to turn my life around for God and to start living for him. In 2011, I started growing into a deeper relationship with him. In 2012, I felt the call on my life to seek God beyond what my own eyes could see. Now, in 2013, I am working with Campus Harvest to help promote what God is doing in the lives of many college students around North America that attend the conference.

The 2013 conference tour is visiting six cities and I have only set foot in on one conference–Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville’s conference exceeded my expectations, but to have the opportunity to expand the conference theme “God’s Not Dead” in “the big apple” and join the Campus Harvest is what makes the difference!

I pray that if you know my heart, it has always been for what God wants me to do next. If this means going to New York, then I’ll get there somehow. If it means I’m going to have to trust Him more than I ever have before? Then I will. If it means I am going to be out of my comfort zone, then I will stretch my gifting to see where it leads.

The expenses to fly round trip and to live in New York in a discounted hotel starts at $800. How can you help? Pray with me as I join the Campus Harvest tour team in New York April 4 – 7. Please partner with me with support of $200, $100, $50, or any amount you feel led to give to help fund the opportunity of a lifetime.

I thank you in advance for your prayers and support!

I am accepting donations online through PayPal (search for or comment me your e-mail address for mail options!

I am Free

I woke up this morning in a funk realizing I have slacked off on a goal I had set for myself. The problem with my goals I set for myself is I immediately want to see results. I want to see progress now. Everything around me has wired me to think I can get “instant gratification” when in fact; things do not always work out that way.

Instead of staying in a slump, I realized I am free to start over. I am free to try again. I am free to live by a new set of rules to help push me further than giving up completely. Once I admit I slipped up, I am free to focus on why I set the goal in the first place:

be better tomorrow than I am today.

This clarity and new-found freedom is a beautiful thing.

Don’t let bumps in the road deter you from finishing the journey. Get up and get moving again!

Give IT a try

Everyday, I ask myself:  Am I purpose driven or money driven? I know money is momentary, while my purpose fuels my soul. I grow weary of not making a difference in the world around me. I know I am only one person, but I feel called to live in such a way I know will leave a lasting impact on someone. Instead of letting fear hold me back, I will start listening to my heart.

What is my heart telling me to do?  Give IT a try.

What is IT? The next season of my life, it is:

  • Growing my business and helping others succeed in theirs. Is it scary? Being an entrepreneur most definitely is, but it is the most rewarding job I have ever had.
  • Nurture relationships that are fueling my life instead of letting other things weigh me down. Living in a well-connected world often leaves me lonely and with a desire to connect on a personal level even more. I will set aside time to catch up and reconnect.
  • Trusting in my faith more than my ability. When I start to think too much, I start to doubt myself. When I trust from within more, I get the revelation I can do anything through Him who strengthens me.

What is your heart telling you to do? Make an effort to listen to act upon it.

My Heart is Willing and Know Great Things Are Happening

The sudden news of Dick Clark’s passing on Wednesday was unimaginable. Many of us did not know Dick Clark personally, but we were all familiar with his word on American Band Stand, New Years Eve shows, and other TV specials. My thoughts are prayers are with his family and friends now who may find peace during this difficult time.

When I heard the news of Dick Clark’s passing, I did not have to Google information on who he was or what he did–I just knew. These thoughts stirred inside me wondering what do people know about me. I know, I wrote a blog asking you, “When Was The Last Time You Googled Yourself?” but this is something more, much more. These waves of thoughts started my search for who I am and what I represent in my every day life. What do people know about me away from the internet and social media?

First and foremost, I am a Christ follower. I am not religious, nor am I “super spiritual”. I have a personal relationship with Christ who has saved me by His grace, and by faith I know I have security in Him. When I work at my part-time job, I am able to share wisdom and encouragement with fellow believers and non-believers in subtle and bold ways. The Lord has given me a gift of empathy to feel people’s emotions just as much as a person is feeling them. By working in customer service, I have learned quickly I can get just as “heated” as unsatisfied customers can, or I can stay calm and approach each situation with grace and impart them with a softer emotion than they are experiencing.

In March, I went to a church conference called Campus Harvest. I have gone for three years now and this past year was a little different. I was expecting to be a room leader or “in charge” of some responsibility, but to my surprise I wasn’t. I had room leaders who were ok with me being their age and not in an authority position. Throughout the weekend, I was pursuing the next season of my life through God’s hands. During one of the services, there was an altar call for those who had a call for full-time campus ministry to come down. My heart was eager to go, but the words “campus ministry” did not sit well in my stomach. I prayed and asked God to reveal to me if this was my call. He gave me peace to sit and not answer this call. Later that evening, there was another service and this time a campus minister gave another altar call. “If God has put a call on your life, please come down.” He repeated himself and I said another prayer as my heart was eager to respond. The Lord revealed to me He has put a call on my life, so I went down to respond.

When I went on stage with the others who answered to this call, I felt compelled to offer hugs to those around me. This might not sound like a big deal, but for me–that’s huge! I am an introvert and often a wallflower, so this was definitely God taking my insecurities and making them His own. I remember hugging a few girls and rubbing shoulders with a few boys who just looked scared and overwhelmed with emotions. I had an overwhelming sense of peace knowing I was in the right place at the right time. When we were giving our contact information to this guy in the red jacket, I could not hold back my excitement so I started talking to him. “So… I’m not this minister, preacher type person…but I like the marketing and social media aspect of things. Is there a place for me in the ministry?” He perked up and asked for my personal information aside from the database we were entering our contact information in. This is how I met Gene Mack.

Later that evening, we continued to have a worship service and I felt a tap on my shoulder. A sweet young woman asked if she could pray for me. This act of obedience on Anna Johnson‘s part has blessed me with a new friend. She encouraged me to use my voice to help the next generation and explore God’s love. Her bold prayer brought me to tears realizing my life is not my own. With these new-found connections, I met up with earlier connections. I had the privilege to worship next to Mrs. Lynette Lewis and meet her assistant, Whitney. In a group session, I met her husband, Pastor Ron Lewis who has encouraged me to pray and seek the Lord to where He is calling me. I am in the middle of his book “Answering The Call” and receiving new revelations for my life.

Am I called to full-time ministry? Am I called to enhance His kingdom? Nothing has opened a door to where God is leading to through, but I am using my voice to reveal my heart is willing and know great things are happening. I found a new friend from Every Nation Ministries, Joey Carranza  on Twitter where had told me, (paraphrased) “Social media is only but a tool to bring the next generation to Christ.” It is a tool I am using to influence others for His glory. What are you sharing with the world? Online?

My presence online is only a glimpse of who I am, but shows you a piece of the bigger picture God has created for me. May this blog give you a lasting impression of what God can do for your life.

Walk Further in Faith

For a while now I have tried to walk further in my faith and try to catch a glimpse of the “bigger” picture that lies ahead. When I couldn’t see more than two feet ahead of me, I would get discouraged. I reminded myself to keep walking further, but it sure has not been easy.

I have worked in a retail store for seven years and counting. During that time I had two internships where I gained agency and “real life” experience. I was so certain when my contracted terms were up I would been given a job, but alas nothing. I have applied to at least six corporate jobs that sparked my interest but have not landed a solid interview. My persistence gave me a voice to talk to those in management roles around me that led me to contacts. These contacts have admitted it is hard to get in, but once I am in the doors– I’m in. Instead of getting discouraged, I am encouraging others to keep learning and reaching out like I am. When people ask me what do I do, I tell them I am an “Aspiring Business to Consumer Liaison” that works for Publix and enjoys social media and making connections with people through my writing.

When my church asked me to help with creating content for my church and its social media platforms, I was ecstatic! The pastor of my church leader is a part of Every Nation Ministries that is a hub of multiple churches across the nation. As I embraced my role at Southpoint Community Church, I started to dream about working at Every Nation in a similar way. When I asked to interview someone in the non-profit sector in leadership, I immediately wanted to sit down and talk with my pastor to tell him about my dream. When I reached out to his assistant, she apologized and said he is booked for a couple of months. Did I give up? No. Instead I reached out to another pastor who graciously found time for me for an interview and to express my dreams with the church and Every Nation. He gave me a contact to reach who is in Every Nation to see what could be done. Did this get me one step closer? Not yet…

This weekend I picked up a book that I have read on and off again called “Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos” by Lynette Lewis. It was all in God’s timing to start reading it again as I found the current pages to apply to my life so perfectly! I decided to tweet some of the powerful lines from the pages that spoke to me. I have done this for the past two days because I know it could benefit others who might be reading my tweets and are in need of similar encouragement. To my surprise, I had a new e-mail in my inbox and it was from her–Mrs. Lynette Lewis herself! I immediately stopped what I was doing and read her kind words. By the end of the e-mail, I have gained a new business prospect. This is exciting news because she is an inspiration to my life. And the best part of it all is her husband runs the organization Every Nation I had mentioned earlier.

I know taking the desires of my heart and walking them out is not always going to be on a clear road to see what lies ahead of me. I know the experiences that have gotten me here will lead me further than I could ever imagine. And that makes me want to continue to walk further in my faith to see where I end up.

Stay encouraged and keep walking to see where your path may lead you…