Why You Should Better Yourself and Why It Matters

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With any goal or dream, the next step is usually the scariest and most rewarding step anyone can take toward their destiny! This big step tries to paralyze you with fear of what lies ahead. When you strive to better yourself, you create a motion of change to take place. This change is for any area of your life, including … Continue reading

Discover Your Passion and Live IT

What is your purpose? Your passion?

What gets you UP in the morning? What keeps your mind fluttering with ideas?

When you discover it, start acting out what it is you were made to do.

People are often surprised when they hear I am a 26-year-old entrepreneur. My ability to work with diverse teams and help us reach a common goal has always energized me! From marching band, advertising campaigns in school, and now working with different companies.

I know it might be easier said, the done. Try volunteering, keep a journal of your thoughts and dreams, and find ways to test the waters of what MOVES you.

You will never know until you try…


Remind yourself of this truth!

“You have dozens of hidden abilities and gifts you don’t know about because you’ve never tried them out. So I encourage you to try doing some things you’ve never done before. No matter how old you are, I urge you to never stop experimenting.” Rick Warren

Give IT a try

Everyday, I ask myself:  Am I purpose driven or money driven? I know money is momentary, while my purpose fuels my soul. I grow weary of not making a difference in the world around me. I know I am only one person, but I feel called to live in such a way I know will leave a lasting impact on someone. Instead of letting fear hold me back, I will start listening to my heart.

What is my heart telling me to do?  Give IT a try.

What is IT? The next season of my life, it is:

  • Growing my business and helping others succeed in theirs. Is it scary? Being an entrepreneur most definitely is, but it is the most rewarding job I have ever had.
  • Nurture relationships that are fueling my life instead of letting other things weigh me down. Living in a well-connected world often leaves me lonely and with a desire to connect on a personal level even more. I will set aside time to catch up and reconnect.
  • Trusting in my faith more than my ability. When I start to think too much, I start to doubt myself. When I trust from within more, I get the revelation I can do anything through Him who strengthens me.

What is your heart telling you to do? Make an effort to listen to act upon it.