Dream The Future You Want to Live In

Let me ask you a couple of questions. What are your dreams? What are the visions you replay in your mind over and over? Do you write them down? Dreaming has the power to shape your future.

A dream motivates you to move closer to the future you create. I continue to dream bigger and today proves dreams do come true.

In 2010, I started my business with the intention to help people. The purpose was simple, but the reality was so much more. As an introvert, I come alive when I help people achieve their dreams. My talent in marketing is steamed from connections and technology to make it happen.

In 2011, my business goal was to work for Campus Harvest. My dreams held on to the power of marketing and people. I knew the money would come if my continued to follow my passion. I envisioned it. I believed it. I prayed for it, constantly.

In 2012, I met the decision maker to work with Campus Harvest. We talked for about eight months about where I was going in life and how my business was evolving. We had talked about how I had wanted to “travel” for Campus Harvest “live tweeting” the conferences. The decision maker laughed at my enthusiasm and said he would support me until I got there.

In 2013, I graduated college. I had client experiences under my belt and pressed on toward my dream. I sent Campus Harvest a proposal and I started to manage the conference communications. It was a challenge to prove to myself that I could do it for small businesses and a company that I have dreamed about. I traveled to NYC and Jacksonville, FL for two out of the six conferences. I “live tweeted” from all six conferences from the best of my marketing ability.

In 2014, I have clients who are paying me to help them achieve their marketing goals and personal/professional dreams. Earlier today, I was asked to book a flight to travel to one of the conferences for communications for Campus Harvest. I am looking for flights as soon as I post this. My reaction cannot be expressed in words, but this YouTube clips seems appropriate.

Dreams do come true if you work hard enough to go after them!

How far have you come? Now imagine, how far you can go

Have Faith in How Far You Can Go |
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“Do you trust me?”

These are the words I heard last weekend at Southpoint Community Church as I worshiped with college students at Campus Harvest. Instantly, my heart cried out, “I trust you, Lord!”

“Now, come to New York”

What’s in New York? What is Campus Harvest? It’s a two in a half-day event where hundreds come together, grow closer in their relationship with God, and seek His promises for the next season of their life. New York, New York is the last conference of the year.

In 2010, Campus Harvest gave me an opportunity to turn my life around for God and to start living for him. In 2011, I started growing into a deeper relationship with him. In 2012, I felt the call on my life to seek God beyond what my own eyes could see. Now, in 2013, I am working with Campus Harvest to help promote what God is doing in the lives of many college students around North America that attend the conference.

The 2013 conference tour is visiting six cities and I have only set foot in on one conference–Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville’s conference exceeded my expectations, but to have the opportunity to expand the conference theme “God’s Not Dead” in “the big apple” and join the Campus Harvest is what makes the difference!

I pray that if you know my heart, it has always been for what God wants me to do next. If this means going to New York, then I’ll get there somehow. If it means I’m going to have to trust Him more than I ever have before? Then I will. If it means I am going to be out of my comfort zone, then I will stretch my gifting to see where it leads.

The expenses to fly round trip and to live in New York in a discounted hotel starts at $800. How can you help? Pray with me as I join the Campus Harvest tour team in New York April 4 – 7. Please partner with me with support of $200, $100, $50, or any amount you feel led to give to help fund the opportunity of a lifetime.

I thank you in advance for your prayers and support!

I am accepting donations online through PayPal (search for RLTarquin@yahoo.com) or comment me your e-mail address for mail options!

Hard Work + Determination = Opportunity

When I went to Campus Harvest in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina in March, I was expecting great things. Afterward, I knew the path to follow my gifts and talents ahead of me was not going to be easy.

The path of self-motivation to see the bigger picture has often left me uncertain. When my gifting wore thin, doubt walked itself over. To regain my determination, I had to seek out life-giving people to lead me to a better place. The words I received from each leader in my life reminded me to work hard and to keep going. Now many months later, I am starting to see great things come to life.

Within the past week, I became an online community builder for Campus Harvest for the month of December through my business, RT Consulting. Yesterday, I wrote my first blog post, e-blast snap shots, and social media content for Every Nation’s Campus Harvest. I have written such things for my business and other clients, but to write for the organization I had as a goal in mind is hard to fathom.

Let me try.

I was still in college when I started helping organizations in 2010. Needless to say, I quickly found the entrepreneurial spirit. Almost three years later, I have gained a business coach and have surrounded myself with great leaders who have “all been there” where I am now. The vision I had for myself helped form RT Consulting. I represent a company that wants to help individuals and organizations start the conversation to connect them with their customers. Some people have called this a “B2C Liaison” while others call me a connector. I call myself a community builder.

I made goals and check points to keep my business moving. The second to last check point I had made was to work with Every Nation and Campus Harvest. Now that I am doing simply that– it’s time to work on my last check point, and that is to do my business full-time. As I continue to strive to work at this full-time, I need to set new goals and check points.

It’s hard to put into words how far I have come with the hard work, dedication, and the support and influence of many others to have this opportunity in front of me. All I have is my gratitude… thank you!

My Heart is Willing and Know Great Things Are Happening

The sudden news of Dick Clark’s passing on Wednesday was unimaginable. Many of us did not know Dick Clark personally, but we were all familiar with his word on American Band Stand, New Years Eve shows, and other TV specials. My thoughts are prayers are with his family and friends now who may find peace during this difficult time.

When I heard the news of Dick Clark’s passing, I did not have to Google information on who he was or what he did–I just knew. These thoughts stirred inside me wondering what do people know about me. I know, I wrote a blog asking you, “When Was The Last Time You Googled Yourself?” but this is something more, much more. These waves of thoughts started my search for who I am and what I represent in my every day life. What do people know about me away from the internet and social media?

First and foremost, I am a Christ follower. I am not religious, nor am I “super spiritual”. I have a personal relationship with Christ who has saved me by His grace, and by faith I know I have security in Him. When I work at my part-time job, I am able to share wisdom and encouragement with fellow believers and non-believers in subtle and bold ways. The Lord has given me a gift of empathy to feel people’s emotions just as much as a person is feeling them. By working in customer service, I have learned quickly I can get just as “heated” as unsatisfied customers can, or I can stay calm and approach each situation with grace and impart them with a softer emotion than they are experiencing.

In March, I went to a church conference called Campus Harvest. I have gone for three years now and this past year was a little different. I was expecting to be a room leader or “in charge” of some responsibility, but to my surprise I wasn’t. I had room leaders who were ok with me being their age and not in an authority position. Throughout the weekend, I was pursuing the next season of my life through God’s hands. During one of the services, there was an altar call for those who had a call for full-time campus ministry to come down. My heart was eager to go, but the words “campus ministry” did not sit well in my stomach. I prayed and asked God to reveal to me if this was my call. He gave me peace to sit and not answer this call. Later that evening, there was another service and this time a campus minister gave another altar call. “If God has put a call on your life, please come down.” He repeated himself and I said another prayer as my heart was eager to respond. The Lord revealed to me He has put a call on my life, so I went down to respond.

When I went on stage with the others who answered to this call, I felt compelled to offer hugs to those around me. This might not sound like a big deal, but for me–that’s huge! I am an introvert and often a wallflower, so this was definitely God taking my insecurities and making them His own. I remember hugging a few girls and rubbing shoulders with a few boys who just looked scared and overwhelmed with emotions. I had an overwhelming sense of peace knowing I was in the right place at the right time. When we were giving our contact information to this guy in the red jacket, I could not hold back my excitement so I started talking to him. “So… I’m not this minister, preacher type person…but I like the marketing and social media aspect of things. Is there a place for me in the ministry?” He perked up and asked for my personal information aside from the database we were entering our contact information in. This is how I met Gene Mack.

Later that evening, we continued to have a worship service and I felt a tap on my shoulder. A sweet young woman asked if she could pray for me. This act of obedience on Anna Johnson‘s part has blessed me with a new friend. She encouraged me to use my voice to help the next generation and explore God’s love. Her bold prayer brought me to tears realizing my life is not my own. With these new-found connections, I met up with earlier connections. I had the privilege to worship next to Mrs. Lynette Lewis and meet her assistant, Whitney. In a group session, I met her husband, Pastor Ron Lewis who has encouraged me to pray and seek the Lord to where He is calling me. I am in the middle of his book “Answering The Call” and receiving new revelations for my life.

Am I called to full-time ministry? Am I called to enhance His kingdom? Nothing has opened a door to where God is leading to through, but I am using my voice to reveal my heart is willing and know great things are happening. I found a new friend from Every Nation Ministries, Joey Carranza  on Twitter where had told me, (paraphrased) “Social media is only but a tool to bring the next generation to Christ.” It is a tool I am using to influence others for His glory. What are you sharing with the world? Online?

My presence online is only a glimpse of who I am, but shows you a piece of the bigger picture God has created for me. May this blog give you a lasting impression of what God can do for your life.

21 Days.

We have all heard that 21 days can form or break a habit. Twenty one days is three weeks. The Daniel Fast takes place over 21 days. The band Blink-182 has a song titled “21 Days”. Even Director Basil Dean directed a movie of 21 days in 1940. All of these are examples of what has happened in 21 one days, but I am about to tell you what is coming in 21 days:  Campus Harvest 2012.

Every year, Every Nation Ministries promotes an event in three cities that welcomes high school and college students to meet and worship God to take back their campus. Driving from each hometown to each designated city allows students to connect with mates that they may or may not already know from campus. When you arrive, you immediately feel excited for what the weekend holds for you. On the first night there is worship and a message that uplifts you to a place you wish you could never leave. Your energy awakens your tired spirit that the world has exhausted. The next day has more worship and small group meetings with different topics of interest to choose from. By the end of the evening, there’s more worship and great lessons to show how truly divine this weekend was for you to reconnect with God in a way unlike ever before.

The first year I had went to Campus Harvest, I did not know what to expect. I ended up making a decision to stop treating God like a genie. My savior has called me to have a relationship with him and I was not being fair to him. I took my experience from the weekend and continued to grow in my spiritual life that made my every day life more fulfilling. My second time going to Campus Harvest was last year where I was a room leader for four girls. To share how much this event had meant to me since my first time coming to those girls and the others had encouraged me to continue growing in my faith. I had received many blessings reminding me I am getting closer to carrying out the plans God has for me. With my third year coming up on March 23 through March 25, I am anticipating the event to bring out the best of what is yet to come.

Campus Harvest 2012

This years theme is Arise. It’s a powerful statement for everyone to Arise to the life we are called to live. How would you like to partner with me and raise money to attend? I am asking for your support of any amount that can get me closer to my goal of $1,000 in 21 days. Each penny of support is going to be distributed among five people in need of funding to go including myself. It is about $200 for each ticket, deposit, and fees for the transportation and living expenses for the weekend.

When I share my testimony with people, Campus Harvest is the milestone that has set my life on the path it is on today. Many students cannot afford to pay for school and afford to go to an event like this. How wonderful would it be if I can share my testimony with someone and have them as excited as I am for Campus Harvest and say, “Come on, pack your bags… we’re going” knowing their ticket is already taken care of by your help.

You may contact me at RLTarquin@yahoo.com for any questions. I’m accepting payments through PayPal with the same e-mail address, or you can give to my church home at Southpoint Community Church that is helping us go. Thank you for reading this and may we all arise to the life we are called to live! I thank and bless you my friend.