The Recipe for Success

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”

Bruce Lee

Who defines success? What makes someone successful? If you are searching for answers to these questions and want the recipe for success, then continue reading.


Define Your Dream. Start dreaming of something big. Now, dream of something bigger than that. When your dreams become your reality, you have found success. 

Define what it is you are seeking. Create a dream board or write down specifically what you want to see manifest in your life.

Hustle/Work hard. Nothing in life is easy. Make scarficies now because it pays off later. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. 

Plan to take Action. Without a plan a dream is just a thought. Map out small steps leading you closer to your specific goal. Accomplishing smaller steps give you momentum to keep going to finish strong.

Review progress every three months. The new year is easy to proclaim new changes. Will it last? Evaluate your action plain once every three months to see if you need to pick up the pace or get back on track. 

Reward yourself. Did you reach a milestone sooner than expected? Cherish it. Take a short break and know it is ok to celebrate. 

Share progress / Collaborate with others. Are you in a community who knows about your goals? Are you sharing your success or failures? A community will pick you up when you need a lift, and celebrate with you when your dreams are met. 

My name is Rachal Tarquin and I’m a Marketing Advisor at RT Consulting.

My dream was to create my own job description to do the all things I want to do to help people. I desire to have an income level to pay off my debt, current bills, save for the future, and some left over to give back. 

My journey started four years ago. A year ago I made a sacrifice to work six days a week. I built up enough momentum to position myself in a better work schedule.

When I evaluated my progress, I was making progress in my goals but my dream wasn’t complete until I found the decision-makers and key influencers of businesses. 

A client of mine is working with me to grow his business. We wrote my job description into his business plan. Ironically, it involves talking with key decision makers of Fotune 500 companies. 

There was a need to network more, so I scheduled myself to attend events twice a month. I reached out and found connections to shape my own
community. Recently, I had the privilege of networking with entrepreneurs in Miami Beach, Florida for #GrowthCon. 

My dream is within reach. My success is shared with you and those I trust. I rewarded myself with buying a second monitor for my computer.

The road to success isn’t a defined path. We make our own way as we move forward in what we believe in. 

Dreams Empower Us

What gets you excited about life? How can you bring this out on a daily basis? Dream often to remind you of what you can achieve.

A dream can be a passion or hobby of yours that brings you enjoyment. Is it going to bring you income? Maybe, maybe not.

Encouraging others to find their purpose is something I get to do through my business. When I started doing this, I knew it all started with a dream to show me the possibilities of what was out there beyond what I could see.

Dreams empower us as we move forward in life. When the world tells you one thing, your determination will tell you something different. Our dreams give us a reason to look beyond what we currently see.

How can I help you achieve or discover your dreams?


If you LIKE my business page on Facebook, you will see a common thing happening on Fridays I call a “Friday Focus”. The topic varies by what you suggest or what comes to mind. My goal is to help YOU, the reader, to take away something valuable than you may not have considered before. If you want to contribute to an upcoming Friday Focus, please leave me a comment and we can make it happen.


Words from Steve

Words From Steve

Source credit: Steve Gutzler & Leadership Quest | Design: RT Consulting

What motivates you?

What inspires you?

How can these be transferred into goals?

How can your goals bring you closer to living out your dreams?

Questions like this are hard to answer all at once. Through the wisdom and direction from a friend and life coach, Steve Gutzler, have helped me shape my thinking into positive action. Through Steve and The Leadership Quest, I have been given the power to go after what tomorrow may bring.

I had tried to ask Steve some questions for this post, but graciously enough he said he was grateful for the gesture and proceeded to encourage me. That is the type of leader Steve is–he’s the real deal!

Some of my words from some of Steve’s exercises:

Move forward with direction to bring you closer to achieving your goals. With each step, you have a choice to either move forward or move back. Faith is what pushes you further even when you do not have it all figured out, but know you are getting closer to living out your dreams.

If you want to go fast, go by yourself. If you want to go far, go with others. -Anonymous

Freedom To Choose, Freedom To Be

Source Credit:  Krista Campbell Photography

Freedom  |  Source Credit:  Krista Campbell Photography

The fourth of July represents our country’s Independence Day. We would not be the country we are today if it was not for the dedicated men and women in the armed forces, who have and continue to, fight for our freedom.

How can we model their heroic behavior in our own lives?

We may only be one person, but we all have the power to change the world around us. Our world is as big or as small as we make it.

Are you living the American dream? Do you have big plans for you life? What is stopping you from going after them?  Take today to reflect on the obstacles you have overcome in the past and what you want to achieve in the future.

We are all given the freedom to choose where we want to go in life. We are all given the freedom to be who we want to be. Now it is up to you how far you will go…