21 Days.

We have all heard that 21 days can form or break a habit. Twenty one days is three weeks. The Daniel Fast takes place over 21 days. The band Blink-182 has a song titled “21 Days”. Even Director Basil Dean directed a movie of 21 days in 1940. All of these are examples of what has happened in 21 one days, but I am about to tell you what is coming in 21 days:  Campus Harvest 2012.

Every year, Every Nation Ministries promotes an event in three cities that welcomes high school and college students to meet and worship God to take back their campus. Driving from each hometown to each designated city allows students to connect with mates that they may or may not already know from campus. When you arrive, you immediately feel excited for what the weekend holds for you. On the first night there is worship and a message that uplifts you to a place you wish you could never leave. Your energy awakens your tired spirit that the world has exhausted. The next day has more worship and small group meetings with different topics of interest to choose from. By the end of the evening, there’s more worship and great lessons to show how truly divine this weekend was for you to reconnect with God in a way unlike ever before.

The first year I had went to Campus Harvest, I did not know what to expect. I ended up making a decision to stop treating God like a genie. My savior has called me to have a relationship with him and I was not being fair to him. I took my experience from the weekend and continued to grow in my spiritual life that made my every day life more fulfilling. My second time going to Campus Harvest was last year where I was a room leader for four girls. To share how much this event had meant to me since my first time coming to those girls and the others had encouraged me to continue growing in my faith. I had received many blessings reminding me I am getting closer to carrying out the plans God has for me. With my third year coming up on March 23 through March 25, I am anticipating the event to bring out the best of what is yet to come.

Campus Harvest 2012

This years theme is Arise. It’s a powerful statement for everyone to Arise to the life we are called to live. How would you like to partner with me and raise money to attend? I am asking for your support of any amount that can get me closer to my goal of $1,000 in 21 days. Each penny of support is going to be distributed among five people in need of funding to go including myself. It is about $200 for each ticket, deposit, and fees for the transportation and living expenses for the weekend.

When I share my testimony with people, Campus Harvest is the milestone that has set my life on the path it is on today. Many students cannot afford to pay for school and afford to go to an event like this. How wonderful would it be if I can share my testimony with someone and have them as excited as I am for Campus Harvest and say, “Come on, pack your bags… we’re going” knowing their ticket is already taken care of by your help.

You may contact me at RLTarquin@yahoo.com for any questions. I’m accepting payments through PayPal with the same e-mail address, or you can give to my church home at Southpoint Community Church that is helping us go. Thank you for reading this and may we all arise to the life we are called to live! I thank and bless you my friend.

Walk Further in Faith

For a while now I have tried to walk further in my faith and try to catch a glimpse of the “bigger” picture that lies ahead. When I couldn’t see more than two feet ahead of me, I would get discouraged. I reminded myself to keep walking further, but it sure has not been easy.

I have worked in a retail store for seven years and counting. During that time I had two internships where I gained agency and “real life” experience. I was so certain when my contracted terms were up I would been given a job, but alas nothing. I have applied to at least six corporate jobs that sparked my interest but have not landed a solid interview. My persistence gave me a voice to talk to those in management roles around me that led me to contacts. These contacts have admitted it is hard to get in, but once I am in the doors– I’m in. Instead of getting discouraged, I am encouraging others to keep learning and reaching out like I am. When people ask me what do I do, I tell them I am an “Aspiring Business to Consumer Liaison” that works for Publix and enjoys social media and making connections with people through my writing.

When my church asked me to help with creating content for my church and its social media platforms, I was ecstatic! The pastor of my church leader is a part of Every Nation Ministries that is a hub of multiple churches across the nation. As I embraced my role at Southpoint Community Church, I started to dream about working at Every Nation in a similar way. When I asked to interview someone in the non-profit sector in leadership, I immediately wanted to sit down and talk with my pastor to tell him about my dream. When I reached out to his assistant, she apologized and said he is booked for a couple of months. Did I give up? No. Instead I reached out to another pastor who graciously found time for me for an interview and to express my dreams with the church and Every Nation. He gave me a contact to reach who is in Every Nation to see what could be done. Did this get me one step closer? Not yet…

This weekend I picked up a book that I have read on and off again called “Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos” by Lynette Lewis. It was all in God’s timing to start reading it again as I found the current pages to apply to my life so perfectly! I decided to tweet some of the powerful lines from the pages that spoke to me. I have done this for the past two days because I know it could benefit others who might be reading my tweets and are in need of similar encouragement. To my surprise, I had a new e-mail in my inbox and it was from her–Mrs. Lynette Lewis herself! I immediately stopped what I was doing and read her kind words. By the end of the e-mail, I have gained a new business prospect. This is exciting news because she is an inspiration to my life. And the best part of it all is her husband runs the organization Every Nation I had mentioned earlier.

I know taking the desires of my heart and walking them out is not always going to be on a clear road to see what lies ahead of me. I know the experiences that have gotten me here will lead me further than I could ever imagine. And that makes me want to continue to walk further in my faith to see where I end up.

Stay encouraged and keep walking to see where your path may lead you…