A Mind in Motion Stays in Motion

I have heard my mom tell me that a body in motion stays in motion for as long as I can remember. After not giving my mom enough credit, I started a new workout routine that involves running. I loathe running. Running is the most painful thing I can put my body though an extended period. Trust me, I have done the HIIT/Bootcamp/CrossFit training before, but running is a whole new ball game. After a few weeks of hitting the pavement, I must say it is finally getting easier to go the distance.

So what does all this have to do with the mind? I decided to use the same logic for my business goals. It’s one thing to write them down and “work” on them throughout the year while it’s another to start reaching them. Once I sent out my first proposal of the year, I was looking forward to sending out my second. Success doesn’t come overnight, but the mentality you have to keep moving gets you there.

Mind - Motion

Today, right now, are you happy with where you are in life? What needs to change? Do it.

Got an excuse?

Tell it to someone who is in the same boat as you and you won’t grow.

Tell it to someone who was once where you were and they will encourage you today is the day to make a change.

Here are some practical ways to keep your mind in motion:

  • Define success. What is the vision you have when you reach your goal? Describe as if it were today.
  • Make a plan to get there. Take steps, sometimes it takes one day at a time but keep moving.
  • Reward yourself. When you take a step further than you were yesterday, reward yourself without taking a step back.
  • Share results with your peers. It is only fair to share with your peers when you fail and succeed.
  • Ask for an accountability partner. This is the push you need when your mind is battling the old-thinking and new-thinking.
  • Encourage others. When you encourage others, it is a self-motivator to keep going yourself to be an example. It is not a pride thing, but a sense of respect others may have toward you.
  • Find a mentor. Invest time with him or her to help you grow in the areas you are not able to on your own.

If you LIKE my business page on Facebook, you will see a common thing happening on Fridays I call a “Friday Focus”. The topic varies by what you suggest or what comes to mind. My goal is to help YOU, the reader, to take away something valuable than you may not have considered before.

5 Areas to Grow in 2014

As I sit down to write out my 2014 goals, it is hard to fathom where the last 365 days have gone. Instead of worrying of what didn’t get done in 2014, I am looking forward to what a new year may bring for me and my business. Like my friend Daisy had said, “In 2014, I’m working on changes.” As I grow in the different areas of my life, change will happen for the better.

2014 GoalsRTC (as a(n) business/entrepreneur)

  1. Plan ahead better
  2. Blog to share my voice and be heard
  3. Be confident in my strengths
  4. Do not be afraid of change
  5. Network more

@IamRachalT (personal life)

  1. Disconnect from “everything” once in a while
  2. Read one “business/inspiring/just because” book a month
  3. Exercise 5X/week
  4. Let IT be
  5. “Be fully present where you are” 1000Gifts


  1. Tithe consistently
  2. Pray over the specific desires of my heart
  3. Pray for others
  4. Be available to serve and give back
  5. Reach out when I need a LIFT

Family + Rob

  1. Call/Skype those who aren’t local
  2. Make date night important
  3. Make family night important
  4. Include them in achievements and ask about theirs
  5. Stay connected offline more than online


  1. Be social, more
  2. Say ‘yes’ more
  3. Be available
  4. Stay connected offline more than online
  5. Make lunch/coffee meet-ups dates important

What are your 2014 resolutions? What goals do you want to achieve? How can I help?

A Reflection on Priorities

Life is getting too busy, too fast leaving me with the feeling like a ton of rocks are falling on me. I feel paralyzed in my next step because I cannot not “see” the big picture. I realized after meeting with my business coach, my life choices and priorities need to be updated. The boundaries and priorities I started out with need to evolve with me.

My number one strength is Responsibility. (If you have taken the StrengthsFinder 2.0 test, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, it is definitely worth taking to learn more about what makes you, you.) The upside to this is, when I commit to something I see it through. And the downside to this is, I have to learn to balance what is a priority and what isn’t.

I saw a quote on Twitter that put my dilemma back into perspective. “You can do anything, but not everything. A constant sense of priority helps …” Anton Hristov

Twitter quote

I am a(n) believer, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, consultant, advisor, chef, food lover, health nut, speaker, encourager, and many more. I can do ALL these things and live the life I want by setting boundaries and priorities ahead of me to shape my future.

Do I know what will happen next? No, but I have faith it will all work out.

Will I get overwhelmed again? Probably, but it would be a sign I need to revisit my priorities.

How am I going to control what affects me? I cannot let my emotions get in the way of the path I am on.