Feast or Famine

Hello September! It’s a NEW month, which means 30 days for a new mindset. Whatever season you are going through, you can get through it.

Throughout life there are time we are in a “feast” or “famine”. As the name implies, a feast is when life is plentiful. The world is in motion working with you and your efforts accomplishing what you set out to do. A famine is when times are difficult as if you are moving against the current. The world is moving slower as your strength is tested.

What do you do?

The lesson to learn is to know what season you are in to know what’s coming. Late June I was training for my first half-marathon and was ready to take on the world. Mid-July I was hospitalized and felt my world slow down. I was advised to take it easy for a while. I took this time to read and mentally map out my next move. When I physically tried to set my world in motion, I hit a roadblock. The efforts I once did to accomplish something great did not produce the same results as I used to. Something had to change.

Feast Famine

I accepted what season I was in – a famine. I reorganized my priorities and set new goals. My deadlines were tentatively set. I followed my priorities and sought out wisdom where I could find it within my network. I picked up more books and read. I didn’t try to think of a way out of the season but asked for contacts to meet up with me and share their experience. I absorbed what I heard and genuinely thanked each person for meeting with me. (Thank you Bernadette, Keith, Tiffany, Kevin, Jordan, Madalyn, Marie, Reid, Nick, and so many more!)

I was ready to take action. As lessons were given me to, I put my energy into action. I kept calling for more appointments until I got the results I wanted. It took more energy out of me because I was out of the “natural rhythm” I set for myself, but I kept going. Every day I wanted to accomplish three to five things. Nothing more.

As my action increased, my world began to shift. The seasons were changing and I got more opportunities to meet and talk with others. My eyes were focused on where I wanted to go and the world brought it closer to me. It took longer than it used to, but I knew it would come.

What kind of season are you in? How can I help?

Grab a Neuro And Finish the Work Day Strong

Are you the type of person who is self-motivated or needs caffeine to tackle the day?

I am a combination of both. Working long hours takes a toll on my body. I try to stay “fueled” by eating portioned out homemade meals, exercise, and limiting my consumption of sugar.

What keeps you moving throughout the day?

A healthy lifestyle has many benefits. No one is perfect and I know it’s hard to find good supplements to help with our individual goals.

My goals are to take in less sugar, limit my caffeine after 10am, sleep well, and increase natural energy sources. All this means I love muti-vitamins, snacking on fruits, vegetables, and nuts are some of the ways to give my body a natural boost of energy.

One of my favorite fruit drinks is Bolthouse Farms “Blue Goodness”. It is a combination of blueberries, blackberries, apples, and banana. The blended mix gives me antioxidant power to fight my allergies and an alternative to caffeine.

I might have scared a bunch of you off by suggesting that favorite healthy sources are vitamins, fruits, and veggies. When I need something different and need a pep in my step, I go to neuro drinks.

Neuro - RTC

Source credit: Neuro on Twitter  |  Words: RTC

If you like lightly carbonated water and more flavor than a soda can give you, then try Neuro. I have the “Sonic” and “Daily Immunity” in my house at all times. The “Sonic” is 35 calories and tastes like a fruit soft drink. It is equivalent to one cup of coffee (in terms of energy it gives you) without the crash and jitters.

What sources do you use to get you through the day?

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It’s Time For A Change: Words from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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Before you read what Dr. Wayne W. Dyer says about change, please know these words are not from me. His words were taken directly off his Facebook fan page and onto this blog post. I do not take credit for the following text and wish to praise what he has said to inspire me, and … Continue reading

How to Give Respect In a “It’s All About Me” World.

Respect is not given, it is earned. Without looking in a dictionary or “Googling” the word respect what does it mean? Ask two people and you will give two different answers. We are to give respect to one another. If my definition is different than yours, how does one known how to give proper respect?

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me…


Be Ready to listen. In a “it’s all about me” world, be ready to listen.

It is rare to find and have Empathy or compassion toward someone these days. The illustration of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes helps bring this concept to life.

Shut your mouth. Even is you don’t like it, keep quiet and wait your turn to speak. You will appear thoughtful and wiser if you keep your mouth shut and let the other person speak first.

Pay it forward. What can you do to give back or serve someone else? Your actions will speak louder than your words.

Expect nothing in return. Give respect without expecting it in return. Remember it is earned overtime.

Communicate well. If you can communicate with someone without yelling, raising your voice, or hitting below the belt then you are a pro. Stern and pleasant conversations done well leave both persons walking away with direction and not discomfort.

Speak with truth. Avoid lying at all costs. Respect and trust are hard to rebuild. Don’t tarnish your reputation by lying or stretching the truth.


If you LIKE my business page on Facebook, you will see a common thing happening on Fridays I call a “Friday Focus”. The topic varies by what you suggest or what comes to mind. My goal is to help YOU, the reader, to take away something valuable than you may not have considered before. If you want to contribute to an upcoming Friday Focus, please leave me a comment and we can make it happen.

A RT Consulting first…

A RT Consulting first…

We were asked if we needed an intern.

I have to admit, at first I was off guard. Surely the college student standing in front of me was asking someone else.

This experience has allowed me to look back on the days when I was in college. I remember sending e-mails, making phone calls, and writing letters to see who was looking for an intern. Back then, it was hard as I can only imagine what it is like today. Some of the most valuable words of advice I have taken away from my internship are from some amazing professionals.

“Measure it. Make something happen and if you can measure it, then you can talk about it as experience.”

“Don’t settle for what work I assign you. Ask for more if you have the capacity.”

“Own your work. If you have a different idea than I do, tell me.”

“Stay off e-mail. If you can work without looking at it for a few minutes, stay off e-mail.”

“Communicate with me so we know if we are on the same page.”

“Learn. Learn. And be open to learn some more.”

A year later, I have become my own boss. I am an entrepreneur. I don’t have it all figured out yet, but I am still learning. I always welcome new connections and new business if it aligns with the goals I have set for my business. What more could I ask for? Maybe an intern?

When Was The Last Time You Googled Yourself?

It is quite common for us to use Google for everything we are looking for on the Internet. Google has a response for you every single time. Although this brilliant search engine platform is used for common and off-the-wall things alike, it can also be used for other things. You can probably guess where I am going with this by asking, “when was the last time you Googled yourself?

Think about it for a minute.

Everything (and I stress everything) you type online through social platforms, blog posts, and comments, are tagged. Each tag gets sent to a database, aggregating a profile of who you are and what you do. This is done with or without your knowledge, which can be an advantage or disadvantage to you and your current situation.
Are you a college student trying to market yourself? Perfect. Start using social networking sites to share who you are and what you are looking for. Are you looking for an internship? Follow agencies and show interest by commenting on their blogs. Leave your contact information and they will find you. Are you trying to launch your new business? This applies to you too. As a user of the Internet, use it to launch your current status for free.

Let’s be real and think about this for a second. When someone receives a social network invitation to “join my network” or “be friends,” we search for more information about that person before we decide to accept or decline the request. We do this by searching the profile that is given to us or by doing a quick Google search. Based on the information we find, it can alter our decision of what to do next. Consider the following: when a job posting is made, is sending in our resumes through e-mail us putting our best foot forward? Yes, our resumes should show what we want the company to know about us, but the power of Google search is at anyone’s fingertips. Am I saying all companies or prospects do this? Hardly anyone admits to it, but we often hear about it after it’s been done.

To know that information about us is constantly being shared online can easily add credibility to our profile. It molds an impression to people we have yet to come into contact with. Who is in control of generating the information about you? YOU are! That is good news and should urge you to start thinking twice before you post or publish anything over the Internet.

What you can do:
Be you and be consistent about it.
Google yourself a few times a month to see what others may see.
Before you post or publish anything, think if your mother would approve.

This article was originally posted on the Ad Buzz.

Network Relationship Etiquette (Part 1)

The professional world (outside of college) has its standards and expectations. The young professionals who are aspiring to make it into any industry must seek out what is accepted to make the mold. I am not talking about buying name brand items and accessories to “look” the part (although it does help). Without the proper etiquette, your look will get you no where fast. I am thankful to have a network that is honest with me and quickly corrects me if I slip somewhere. I appreciate all the advice and constructive criticism I have received that I have applied to my own young professional image. I am a senior who is anticipating for December to graduate with my B.A. in Communications. (sighs) I know once it gets here, I’ll look back and wish for time to have gone a little slower. In the mean time, I am here to help anyone who hasn’t received the help I have over the last year.

  • Your name. What’s in a name? Everything! If you have a nickname or another way to say your birth name you prefer to be called, make it professional and stick to it. (e.g. Nicole can be Nikki or Patrick can be Pat)
  • E-mail. If you haven’t already, register a professional e-mail at a domain of your choice. The hot domains are Gmail or your own personalized one through GoDaddy.com (I have Yahoo! because I’ve had it a long time.) It is very common to see a first and last name address (e.g. JohnSmith@gmail.com). Numbers are ok if they have a significance. If they don’t, why do you have them there in the first place? Make sure whatever address you decide on, it is unique enough to represent you without confusing a future employer or connection. Keep this account separate from your forwards of comic relief.
  • Insert an e-mail signature or type your own each time? Think of the time you’ll be saving if you did name a signature. It can be a personal choice to type your own and share what information or not with each contact. If you decide to make your own, keep it simple. Inserting a job title or degree earned is acceptable and adds creditability. A first and last name is sufficient with a contact phone number. Inserting a URL address is attractive, but make sure the URL is entered correctly and is ok share with all professionals. Adding images for the company you currently work for is certainly ok, but anything other image should relate back to you, the individual. I have seen some signature with little “tags” of social media networking sites with a URL attached. This is clever and can replace an about.me page*.
  • Phone number(s): The contact number you are displaying in your e-mail signature, make sure it is written correctly. (I have called someone’s contact number and it was the wrong person. Oops!) If you are giving a personal cell phone number, change your voice mail right now! Do not have anything that could confuse or not give your future contact a clear idea of who they are trying to reach–you. A common approach would be, “Thank you for calling ________ (first name or first and last name), please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Have a great day!” I like to talk in 3rd person, so my current message is, “Thank you for calling Rachal Tarquin’s cell phone. She cannot come to the phone right now but if you leave her a message, I’ll let her know you called. Thank you and have a great day.” I have gotten a few laughs asking if I had a receptionist. If you are giving out a work number, make sure your work knows about it. Nothing is more embarrassing to have a contact call you at work and the person answering the phone at work not know who you are.
  • *As mentioned before, an About.Me page can be replaced with tiny images of certain social media networking sites. This can be a personal choice as there is no “best” way, but it is a trend to have for a one stop place for all your connections to see YOU. Nothing is worse than you portraying yourself to be a professional in one area and be something else. My about.me page is where I send current and future contacts. Before picking an image or what to write, I looked at many other about.me pages and got ideas. It is very easy to take a flashy picture of yourself as something else, but who are you trying to sell: the image or yourself? I was even considering have a professional take my pictures to get my personality “captured” in an elegant way to put on here. Seriously. As you can see (if you clicked the link), I ended up posting a picture of something that represents me in the simplest way–something green and my name. The first time Starbucks spelled my name right, I knew I had to capture the moment and am glad I did. I use it now on my page and get many compliment on it. My passion color of choice is of course green.

Stay tuned for next time when I talk about content on about.me, social media content, and anything you comment on to suggest!

Comments and suggestions are welcome.Thank you for reading!