Is It My Time Yet?

We all go through different kinds of seasons where we wish some would pass us by quicker than others. We look at those around us and wonder, “Is it my time yet for ______?” (Fill in the blank.) I can be transparent and give you hope that you are not alone in this. I am in a season where I see people around me in a career instead of a job or in a relationship that is genuine, and wish it was my time. From the outside looking in, it appears other people have their life put together better than mine because it’s all coming together for them. This is where I sit back, seek God’s will and perfect timing while pushing forward through faith. I have humbled myself and realized everything is a learning experience to help me grow. I can only get better by learning from the experiences I go through.

Going as far back as high school, I remember trying out for Drum Major to lead a 3A (80 or more member) marching band. My gut told me to try out and my hard work kept me there. It was stressful because I wanted everything to be perfect and planned out, but it didn’t always happen.  During my interview with Publix almost 7 years ago, I talked about being a Drum Major and helped give me the job I hold today. An opportunity to move up into the office to lead others and manage more responsibilities came within 3 months. It is my job to handle a fast-paced environment and adapt to the demands of the day, which gave me an ability to flexible. After 5.5 years, I was given another opportunity to work in Apron’s Simple Meals as a meals clerk. This is another branch of customer service, but now I handle food and manage myself while serving customers food. Honestly, I have enjoyed the “Hey ya’ll, I’m Paula Deen” feeling and have grown to enjoy engaging with the public by myself or in a group setting.

In beginning of this year, I was in a college class called Advertising Campaigns. Everyone has told me their own “horror” story of how it consumed their life for entire 16-week semester. I laughed because I thought my experience would be different. (To make a long story short) I became Campaign Director, which allowed me to put on the hat of leadership and humility to ask 18 students to follow me and finish a campaign we had started. It was not easy to motivate everyone and get us all on the same page, but I did what I had to do to keep us moving in the right direction. This experience allowed me to see the “big picture” before it came and be decisive about which step to take next. It was my time to step up and trust in my faith that I could do anything I put my mind to by God’s gifts he has given me.

During Advertising Campaigns, I helped B-Fit Personal Training Centers with whatever the owner, Jason needed to be done. It started out as office work, but quickly became a way for me to speak to his members online. I was given permission to help manage his fan page on Facebook, which I still do to this day. My passion to have a voice and represent the company by  developing a connection with people over food and health. Now, it has branched into the CrossFit Experience with member wanting more ways to get in shape.

Currently, I am interning at the Dalton Agency and have a taste how client, business, and employee relationships really work. All my life I have known the retail or school enviornment, so this was a nice change. I remember going into the interview excited about an opportunity to be a brand ambassador for McDonald’s, but leaving uncertain if I was going to get the intern position. I decided to shake the doubt and share my experiences and promise I would give them my time and talents to do more. After my second of three reviews, I have realized my past experiences and seasons of change have brought me here for a reason. I was given this tough season to endure this “busyness” of internship, work, and school to increase my work/life balance. I have committed three days a week to interning, which has allowed me to “dabble” in different areas of the agency side while working on the McDonald’s account.

I will be graduating from college in December which seems like a long ways a way, but it’s only around the corner. I know it may not be my time for the things I want in life, but I am getting closer by going through the experiences that will help me get there.

Journals & Healthy Lifestyle Change = Success

A few of my friends has been asking me to help with them their new diets, and I am writing this to share what has worked for me. I started a new “life style change” in January at a gym in Orange Park. My friend, Jason Woodard and B-Fit has taught me a lot about truly being healthy and what has worked to help keep me there.

  • Journalling to Success

By keeping a journal of your workouts, I want you to physically see what works for you when you work out and see what you’re putting into your body in a food log. This means two journals:  one for workouts and one for food intake. This might sound difficult, but trust me I am here to help you get the results you want!

When it comes to journaling,

  • Pay attention to nutrition labels.

Watch the serving sizes as they can be tricky. If you happen to eat more than one serving, write it down! Be honest with yourself so you know what areas you need to focus on. Start with the serving size and the calories per serving. Remember the Daily Value amount is a percentage of your day where 5% or less is low and 20% or more is high for a meal. Limit your fat (saturated, trans, unsat), cholesterol, and sodium intake. Your potassium, fiber, and vitamins should be plentiful. The carbohydrates are tricky. For a low-carb watcher, maintain about 20g per meal and match it with at least 20g protein. Limit your sugar intake for it only fills you temporarily.

Did you know?:  Take your carbohydrate MINUS your dietary fiber = net carbs (what’s left over to be digestive into energy). Protein takes that energy and sustain it (with the proper foods) in a glycemic effect allowing it to digest slowly by keeping you fuller longer.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

If you aren’t drinking at least 64 fluid ounces of water a day, then you are probably dehydrated and don’t even know it. Drinking plenty of water helps your muscles recover quicker. Water replenishes what we sweat out after a wicked workout. Treat yourself right and nourish it properly. For every cup of caffeine (e.g. coffee, tea, soda), you should drink about two cups of water to replenish because these drinks actually dehydrate you. If you cannot fathom drinking all that water from the get-go, try adding frozen or frozen fruit for something naturally sweeter. If you must, add Crystal Light in moderation.

  • Performance Results.

When you come in and work out, work your butt off and write down what you did to remind yourself you did it! This builds confidence and a chance to improve and get better. Ask a trainer for techniques that cater to your fitness and physical level. The key is to track your progress over time at your pace. If you are struggling with a certain workout, write what worked for you and what’s hard to do. Be honest with yourself and watch your progress as you try again next time. Some people count pounds while some count inches, I say the BMI is a better indicator.

However, if you like to watch the pounds I recommend weighing yourself the same time every day in the same state because our weight can fluxuate throughout the day and week. If you are measuring your body, remember inches can vary on the body type. In the long run, inches will come off but don’t get discouraged if you didn’t lose as much as you think you should have.

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