Feast or Famine

Hello September! It’s a NEW month, which means 30 days for a new mindset. Whatever season you are going through, you can get through it.

Throughout life there are time we are in a “feast” or “famine”. As the name implies, a feast is when life is plentiful. The world is in motion working with you and your efforts accomplishing what you set out to do. A famine is when times are difficult as if you are moving against the current. The world is moving slower as your strength is tested.

What do you do?

The lesson to learn is to know what season you are in to know what’s coming. Late June I was training for my first half-marathon and was ready to take on the world. Mid-July I was hospitalized and felt my world slow down. I was advised to take it easy for a while. I took this time to read and mentally map out my next move. When I physically tried to set my world in motion, I hit a roadblock. The efforts I once did to accomplish something great did not produce the same results as I used to. Something had to change.

Feast Famine

I accepted what season I was in – a famine. I reorganized my priorities and set new goals. My deadlines were tentatively set. I followed my priorities and sought out wisdom where I could find it within my network. I picked up more books and read. I didn’t try to think of a way out of the season but asked for contacts to meet up with me and share their experience. I absorbed what I heard and genuinely thanked each person for meeting with me. (Thank you Bernadette, Keith, Tiffany, Kevin, Jordan, Madalyn, Marie, Reid, Nick, and so many more!)

I was ready to take action. As lessons were given me to, I put my energy into action. I kept calling for more appointments until I got the results I wanted. It took more energy out of me because I was out of the “natural rhythm” I set for myself, but I kept going. Every day I wanted to accomplish three to five things. Nothing more.

As my action increased, my world began to shift. The seasons were changing and I got more opportunities to meet and talk with others. My eyes were focused on where I wanted to go and the world brought it closer to me. It took longer than it used to, but I knew it would come.

What kind of season are you in? How can I help?

You Are Not Defined By Your Job

When our days run together, we exhaust ourselves and ruin the opportunity to relax. Today’s Friday Focus is a reminder to live in the moment. Our commitments to our jobs and other responsibilities take priority. This can run our days but it is the small windows of opportunities to embrace the moments we live for. … Continue reading

My Three Words in 2014

Inspired by Chris Brogan in 2013, I decided to carry it on another year. These three words are suppose to shape your goals, resolution, and direction for the upcoming year. In the past, I have encouraged myself with:

Yes I Can.

I Will Learn.

I am Me.

I Will Live.

I have evolved my business and my life since then and continue to move forward with these three words:

Divide. Separate your life into divisions of responsibilities and priorities. Make a list of what is important and isn’t. When you divide your life into categories to see where you are spending most of your time and where you aren’t.

And. You maybe thinking I should have found a more profound word here, but hear me out. The word “and” leaves room for something more. When I finish my to do list, I feel accomplished “and” I need to reward myself. For every action I take, I need to react accordingly. The word “And” reminds me to seek balance in all that I do.

Conquer. Don’t put off what seems impossible. Start small to get closer to your goals. When you see progress it acts as a motivator driving you toward the finish line. Conquer what seems impossible today because tomorrow is a whole new battle.

What are your three words in 2014?

Seven Steps to Write Out Your Priorities

If you read my last post, I had a meeting with my business coach, Mark, that got me thinking about my priorities. In the three years I have been a serious entrepreneur, I realized I haven’t update my priorities. Yikes! I had them tucked away in a mental file where I keep other things that get put off until tomorrow. Mark saw my frustration and encouraged me to take out a new sheet of paper. “Now, write your priorities…”

I was embarrassed! I had only written down three to four things. Instead of scolding me, (Mark does what he does best) he defined the word priority. A priority is a thing that is regarded as more important that the other. It has an action and a deadline. This could represent a current project, agenda, or goal with a time frame to get IT accomplished. “Now, rewrite your priorities…”

This time I could easily write down nine things. As our meeting continued, I asked how he balances his work and life priorities. Here’s the golden ticket: we set the priorities for the areas in our life that are important. This new-found wisdom had given me an idea. I should make a list (I love lists) of ALL my priorities so I can easily see what my expectations are in the different areas of my life.

7 Steps to Write Out Your Priorities:

1. You set your own priorities. Others may influence you, but ultimately it’s you and what you merit a priority.

2. Separate your life into different categories to write out and see where your priorities lie. This is also an indicator if you are bringing spread too thin.

3. Add an action and a deadline to each list. Be realistic. Try not to pile on too much at a time. A steady flow of progress is better than accomplishing too much too fast and losing steam.

4. Present a list you feel comfortable sharing with a coach, mentor, or superior. Ask: “Do we agree that these are the items to get done over the next X-time frame?” This holds you accountable and allows collaboration to see something you might have missed.

5. Use technology to guide your progress. Once I have a list written out, I plug each action item and deadline to a new category on my Reminders app. Reminders is FREE for Apple users. Or you can use Wunderlist or EasilyDo in a similar way.

6. Start today! The first step is the hardest.

7. Revisit the lists of categorizes at the beginning and ending of the month. How did you do? What got done and what didn’t? Revise once every three months.

How did you discover your priorities? How have they evolved with you?

Focus, Plan, Rest, and Repeat.

Ask any entrepreneur whose clock he or she is on and they will tell you, someone else’s. I thought I would have plenty of “me time” when I branched out on my own, but it has be far from the truth. I report to clients, assistants, contacts, and many more at any given time of the day. The best way to secure some time aside for rest is to make it.

An average work week consists of me working 5.5 to 6 days a week. During that time frame, I schedule time for meetings, e-mails, online relationships, in-person relationships, projects, and the list goes on. I take a half day on Sunday to rest and focus for what lies ahead. I take another half day on a slow day to catch up on other things off the to-do list.

Even with all the technology we have today, I still favor the pen and paper to focus and plan my week. On Sunday’s, I map out my week that starts like this:


When I can visually see how my work week looks like, I see where I need to rest, focus, or plan. Since scheduling works best for me, I block out adequate time or me to rest in between.

Rest, to me, includes:

– Leisure Reading
– Floating on Pinterest
– Exercising
– Taking a Nap time
– Meal Prep
– Cooking/Baking
– Netflix break
– Yobe run
– Grocery Shopping
– Meditation
– Going for a Walk
– Instagram feed

After resting in the one or more of the events above, I am energized to repeat the process all over again.

How does your week look like?

SOAK Philosphy

I received the prayers and support I needed to take my trip to NYC for Campus Harvest. I have family in Buffalo, which is six hours away from the “Big Apple”, so I have been fortune enough to roam upstate New York to see how things have changed. Oh, how many things have changed. All these thoughts left me to SOAK in how far I have come since the last time I was here.

When was the last time I …

saw snow?
caught myself from biting a nail from nerves or boredom?
didn’t wear makeup?
threw on a jacket and played outside?
took a walk in the park to hear nature?
had lunch and kept my phone in my purse?
slept in and let sunlight wake me up?
took a bubble bath?
read a book?

I have been in New York for eight days and I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am to be here! I will be flying to NYC on Wednesday. A part of me is thrilled beyond words while the other part of me is taking moments like this all in. I am SOAKing in what is now and hopeful for what is to come.

 When was the last time you SOAKed?

Speak words of assurance of truth and faith
Observe where I am now, where I have come, and where I am going
take Action to move forward
Keep balance and repeat