“You Cannot Save Anyone’s Business But Your Own”

“You cannot save anyone’s business but your own.”

These were the words given to us from our business coach. What do you think?

Here at RT Consulting, we are a digital marketing agency who offer marketing solutions for businesses to excel at reaching their customers. A business in any industry has a similar process:

  1. Start up idea
  2. Do strong research
  3. Build your business and marketing plan well
  4. Execute the hard stuff (with help)
  5. Measure efforts and adapt
  6. Repeat

We have done this process with other businesses and it has made huge returns on their investment with us. Some have failed. Marketing cannot fix a bad brand. Marketing cannot force what isn’t there. We invite conversation to build the brand out and connect with potential buyers. Social selling (buzzwords for sales) is when money is exchanged. A combination of marketing and sales and make a huge impact on any business. This is how businesses stay in business.

So why would our business coach tell us, “You cannot save anyone’s business but your own”? Because he is right.

Our prospects cannot be everyone with a start up idea. The struggling small business who cannot afford to hire someone for their marketing well is not a good prospect for us. The small business who wants to be big and can pay for a mutual exchange of services, this is what works for us. Instead of trying to fix or save anyone’s business, focus on improving yours to attract the right business and customers to serve.

Learning to Love the Process


With the new year approaching, I have been reflecting on the current year and setting new goals. If you have been reading my blog or know me, often I have a problem with waiting. It’s ironic how I can have all the patience in the world with my clients and customers, but when it comes to my own circumstance I have close to none. How can this be possible?

I realized through readings from author, Rick Warren and words from a business and life coach, I am not trusting the process. My impatience is not a sign of immaturity but rather an ability to see the outcome before I take one step. Read that again.

It is easier to be patient with my clients and customers because the process is the same. The story or problem might the same but it is presented to me from different people over and over again. It is my job to fix it and make things right.

When it comes to my business or personal growth, the process is foreign to me. I don’t have all the steps figured out quite yet. I am learning as I go along, which may be a good or bad thing — I’m not sure yet. With this revelation, I am determined to stick with it. I need to trust more, doubt less, and eventually I’ll learn to love the process.

How did you develop a process for yourself?