Life Prepares You for the Journey

Happy New Year!

I realized something over the holidays, life works itself out. What I do at RT Consulting is specialize in marketing plans, which requires me to forecast months and quarters ahead for client goals. When the holidays were “planned”, my role slows down as business carries on. Through the holiday, I realized life prepares you for the journey.

One day I was working in the morning and had a play date with my nephew in the afternoon. The plan was to get work done early, play in the afternoon, his mom (my sister) pick him up, and get more work done. Easy enough.

We went to the playground and I brought a pen and notebook to write my thoughts as I had one eye on him. After a few minutes of writing, I found myself playing “monster” on the playground with him and the other kids. When I got tired, I sat down and soaked in the atmosphere. Another parent got of his phone and he started where I left off. It was a magical experience.

When it was time to leave, my nephew asked me to carry him on my back. He is six and over 40 pounds. Sure he could have walked, but I’m his favorite aunt and I know he is young only a short while. I carried him home a mile away. It wasn’t easy but it made his day.

Life - Journey

Fast forward to today. I was leaving a client’s office when I was asked to take some equipment out of the office for an event. I had to carry it to my car. Guess what? The equipment was actually lighter than my nephew, which made the process easier.

During another client meeting I was asked what my resolutions were for 2015. When I was at the park the day before, I wrote down:

Be present – focus on what is in front of you

Be proactive – step out of your comfort zone and unwind when it is time

Be prayerful – find peace in between the now and not yet

as my focus for the upcoming year. My writing has turned into action and shaped my meeting with campus leader and friend, Sarah Greenwald.

I was prayerful prior to our meeting and definitely present with her in the time we spent together. We shared stories since we last met and it was great. I wasn’t “clock watching” or worried about my next meeting. It was great to be in the moment with her.

What does all this have to do with life and our individual journeys?

Maybe we are supposed to go after what our heart desires until we find peace. Keep searching for what brings value to you and your purpose. Peace brings the assurance that propels our path for what lies ahead. It is the process from searching from within that prepares us for the world. We may not have all the answers or timelines figures out, but what we face today prepares us for the journey for what lies ahead.



Make A Change or Be The Change

Everyone where we go, we have options. In a coffee shop, we can have whole milk, fat-free milk, soy milk, whipped cream, or no cream. In a clothing store, we have relaxed fit, boot cut, and straight fit. When it comes to the way we live our life, we can choose to be positive, negative, “religious”, or a non-conformist. The possibilities out there are endless.

Psychology has told us birds of a feather flock together, meaning you are drawn to the things that you associate yourself with. There is no right or wrong in choosing a different path than someone else. And when you find a group or company that aligns with the way you look at life, a special connection forms within you.

Apple has done wonders to make a ripple in the music industry and commercials advertising a different choice of devices. #ShoeDazzle has made a spark in the  world by offering fashionable shoes to everyone out there who loves shoe. And now, LLAG Life has influenced a set of entrepreneurs who want to change the world around them.

What is LLAG Life? It is a company that aims to live, learn, achieve, grow, love, inspire, fulfill, encourage through the talents and passions of hard-working people. I saw a tweet on Twitter that had an eye-catching t-shirt. It was bold and it questioned my mentality as an entrepreneur. Was I bold enough to wear it proudly? I ordered the Jordan Stupar t-shirt in green (of course) and flocked into what Nate at LLAG Life has to offer.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.43.29 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.43.40 AM

Do you have a talent? Are you passionate? What can you do to make change in your own life? Embrace your differences and follow the LLAG Life for encouragement on your journey. We cannot do this life alone. It is all about your individual #HustleMuscle and who supports you.

Do you have a new idea? Mantra? Talk to Nate and he can help display it in on a t-shirt to motivate you with his apparel.

Influenster Vow VoxBox

Last month I took a survey on Influenster. I shared my news of attending a July wedding and was given the Vow VoxBox! I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

VoxBox - Wedding - July

From top left to right:

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

I love Sally Hansen. It’s a brand that is affordable and has good quality. I did not care for the color because I was not a part of any wedding party.

EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge

I have heard of EcoTools before but never tried them because of the price. I am always looking for better tools for my body/face and this was surprisingly my favorite item. The sponge is tough in the package but after you run it under water, it becomes super soft to exfoliate.


This is my second favorite item in my Vow VoxBox! How many times are you eating out and something spills on you? I have used this pen at least twice already!

Pure Silk Shave Cream

I like the smell of the shave cream, but I use an Intuition (has a razor and soap around the blade for easy shaving) razor blade. The sample was small enough to put in my travel bag for the gym or an overnight bag somewhere.

Olay Regenerist Tone Perfect Cream

I know Olay is a solid brand but I found that my mother could use this product more than I could. I gave it to her and she has said she loves it.


Neuro, the New Hero of Drinks

Have you caught on the Neuro drinks craze? I have noticed the brand in stores but I thought it was another energy drink I’d rather stay away from. That is what I thought until a customer in front of me was buying one. He purchased a Neuro Daily, took the receipt, and turned around to face me. “Here. Try this, on me,” he said. And off he went. Never to be seen again.

I asked the cashier if he was serious. The drink was already paid for, so what was the harm? It was the end of the day and I had to get home anyway. I paid for my groceries to make dinner. When I got home I chilled the drink while I made dinner.

After dinner, I had some consulting work to tackle. I knew it was going to be a long night. I was already tired from the day and now feeling lethargic after feasting on dinner. Should I make a pot of coffee? Make a run to Starbucks? Then I remembered the Neuro Daily in my refrigerator. I took it out and began to drink it as I started on my work.

The Neuro Daily has a tangerine citrus, light carbonated flavoring that was actually quite refreshing. It reminded me of a Sprite but tastier without the heavy fizz. The flavors were smooth enough to take a few sips without leaving an after taste in my mouth.

As I continued working I noticed my mood had changed. Maybe it was the cold, refreshing drink or my mindset telling me to tackle my work, but there was a pep in my step. (Even though I was sitting in front of a computer screen.) My brain was clearer with a focus on my work. When the bottle was empty, I felt fine. I did not have a craving for more but would have indulged if I had another.

Was it the drink? Or was it my natural instincts kicking in? I honestly could not tell you. Something about the combination working together made my evening of work pleasant.


neuroDailyTM is formulated to be a daily dose of immunity to help keep you going, help keep you thriving and help keep you healthy. Stress, lack of sleep and poor eating habits can break down our defenses. Packed with Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, and other essential ingredients, neuroDailyTM enables you to be the best you can be… well, daily.


Disclaimer: *This blog is not endorsing Neuro Drinks, or was asked to write a review. This blog was written with the intent to be a review of my personal experience to collaborate with other readers who may or may not have experienced Neuro.*

Trade-In your iPhone 4 or 4s at Best Buy to get a…

gift card or iPhone 5.*

I love to hate everything about Apple. Yes, you read that right. Apple offers great, valuable products, but I cannot always afford to buy them. (Seriously, who can? Well, maybe you–but not me.) I talked with my cell phone carrier, and I was quoted $200 for the iPhone 5. Geesh. So like every person in a contract phone, I’ve been waiting for someone to upgrade so I can buy their old from them.

When I saw on ABC News that Best Buy was giving customers a chance to trade in their old iPhones for the iPhone 5, I got excited!


I went with my mother to the Best Buy in Orange Park, FL and brought my iPhone 4 and waited in line. When it was my turn to talk to a sales associate, I asked the typical questions anyone would ask:

What’s the catch?
How much am I really going to pay?
Free iPhone 5, how is this possible?

The sales associate, Patrick, had said Best Buy had done so well in the beginning of this month with a similar offer, they decided to offer it again. He was friendly and informative about all the questions I asked him.

Trade-In for a Gift Card

There was no catch. Every iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in working and fair condition could be traded in. My iPhone 4 16GB merited a $150 gift card. The iPhone 5 was on sale for $150 (originally $200). It was my choice to use the gift card on an iPhone 5 or other non-mobile devices merchandise.

Can I have an iPhone 5 in white, please? With my mom behind me, doing the same thing I was doing, he pulled out one black for her and a one white for me. After ringing up the iPhone 5 and using my gift card, the balance was $10.48 for sales tax. Before I got out my debit card, Patrick asked if I wanted insurance on my iPhone 5.


Patrick was very helpful and informative.


Mother-Daughter iPhones

2-year Contract + Insurance (optional)

I was eligible for an upgrade with my carrier and I was willing to stay with them for another 2 years, so this made the process easier. I asked if the price would change if I wasn’t eligible. I was told each person doing a trade-in is different. It all depends. Know ahead of time if you are eligible for an upgrade because the price may differ slightly.

I could choose my current carrier’s insurance at anytime or I could go with Best Buy’s Geek Squad protection insurance. The main difference I found is my carrier required me to pay a higher deductible if my iPhone 5 whereas Best Buy would give me a completely new iPhone 5. My carrier’s insurance started at $8.99 and Best Buy’s insurance was $14.99 charged monthly. The Best Buy insurance had to be purchased when I got my new iPhone to qualify and could be cancelled at anytime.


Original store receipt

Adding Best Buy’s insurance, I was charged $26.53 for a new iPhone 5 with insurance.



For those who know me well, all my Apple devices have a name. Luigi looks slimmer now.

Screen protectors, cell phone cases and carriers are expensive anywhere you go. There was a bin of 50% cell phone cases nearby with regular priced OutterBox cases. I picked a pretty green case that was only $10 on sale and a screen protector for $25.

I’m happy with my purchase and thrilled at my savings!

Now you know the low down, are you going to trade in your old iPhone? Hurry special ends 6/29/2013

*Disclaimer: I, Rachal Tarquin, do not claim to know everything about Best Buys’ trade-in special. This is a blog post to describe the series of events I took in participating in its sale. I was not paid or asked to write about my experience. For detailed questions, please contact your local Best Buy store or their website.