Dream Your Next Adventure into A Reality

As I type this out I am in my rented space where I collect my thoughts. I am beyond blessed to have a roommate who has given me the freedom and space to find myself and next step.

Twelve months ago I was flexing my #HustleMuscle juggling a consulting business full time, part time retail job, and a part time contract job. Working six days a week with 15-hour days was the routine I made for myself. I dashed from appointment to meeting and rushing through personal time to stay on track.

Was it worth it? It was exhausting. I exhausted all my energy in places where it wasn’t benefiting me as a whole. My bills were being paid but my soul was aching to make a difference.

And then three months ago I got the e-mail… We need to talk. Two clients decided not to renew contracts and my contract job had a hold on funding.


I didn’t take this news personal because it was a business matter, but boy did this hurt my ego. My hard work was coming to a halt. I mediated on it and knew it was time to save money and start dreaming again.

Where there is peace, there is hope. Where there is fear, there is no room for growth.

Sometimes life needs us to write down our next dream or goal so we can receive it. The world is full of possibilities waiting for us to take charge and ask for it to come our way.

What dreams are you proclaiming for your life? Your situation may not change overnight but your thoughts can change in an instant when you allow hope to cast out fear.

Dear Life, let’s write a new adventure until it gets here.

Life Prepares You for the Journey

Happy New Year!

I realized something over the holidays, life works itself out. What I do at RT Consulting is specialize in marketing plans, which requires me to forecast months and quarters ahead for client goals. When the holidays were “planned”, my role slows down as business carries on. Through the holiday, I realized life prepares you for the journey.

One day I was working in the morning and had a play date with my nephew in the afternoon. The plan was to get work done early, play in the afternoon, his mom (my sister) pick him up, and get more work done. Easy enough.

We went to the playground and I brought a pen and notebook to write my thoughts as I had one eye on him. After a few minutes of writing, I found myself playing “monster” on the playground with him and the other kids. When I got tired, I sat down and soaked in the atmosphere. Another parent got of his phone and he started where I left off. It was a magical experience.

When it was time to leave, my nephew asked me to carry him on my back. He is six and over 40 pounds. Sure he could have walked, but I’m his favorite aunt and I know he is young only a short while. I carried him home a mile away. It wasn’t easy but it made his day.

Life - Journey

Fast forward to today. I was leaving a client’s office when I was asked to take some equipment out of the office for an event. I had to carry it to my car. Guess what? The equipment was actually lighter than my nephew, which made the process easier.

During another client meeting I was asked what my resolutions were for 2015. When I was at the park the day before, I wrote down:

Be present – focus on what is in front of you

Be proactive – step out of your comfort zone and unwind when it is time

Be prayerful – find peace in between the now and not yet

as my focus for the upcoming year. My writing has turned into action and shaped my meeting with campus leader and friend, Sarah Greenwald.

I was prayerful prior to our meeting and definitely present with her in the time we spent together. We shared stories since we last met and it was great. I wasn’t “clock watching” or worried about my next meeting. It was great to be in the moment with her.

What does all this have to do with life and our individual journeys?

Maybe we are supposed to go after what our heart desires until we find peace. Keep searching for what brings value to you and your purpose. Peace brings the assurance that propels our path for what lies ahead. It is the process from searching from within that prepares us for the world. We may not have all the answers or timelines figures out, but what we face today prepares us for the journey for what lies ahead.



Dream The Future You Want to Live In

Let me ask you a couple of questions. What are your dreams? What are the visions you replay in your mind over and over? Do you write them down? Dreaming has the power to shape your future.

A dream motivates you to move closer to the future you create. I continue to dream bigger and today proves dreams do come true.

In 2010, I started my business with the intention to help people. The purpose was simple, but the reality was so much more. As an introvert, I come alive when I help people achieve their dreams. My talent in marketing is steamed from connections and technology to make it happen.

In 2011, my business goal was to work for Campus Harvest. My dreams held on to the power of marketing and people. I knew the money would come if my continued to follow my passion. I envisioned it. I believed it. I prayed for it, constantly.

In 2012, I met the decision maker to work with Campus Harvest. We talked for about eight months about where I was going in life and how my business was evolving. We had talked about how I had wanted to “travel” for Campus Harvest “live tweeting” the conferences. The decision maker laughed at my enthusiasm and said he would support me until I got there.

In 2013, I graduated college. I had client experiences under my belt and pressed on toward my dream. I sent Campus Harvest a proposal and I started to manage the conference communications. It was a challenge to prove to myself that I could do it for small businesses and a company that I have dreamed about. I traveled to NYC and Jacksonville, FL for two out of the six conferences. I “live tweeted” from all six conferences from the best of my marketing ability.

In 2014, I have clients who are paying me to help them achieve their marketing goals and personal/professional dreams. Earlier today, I was asked to book a flight to travel to one of the conferences for communications for Campus Harvest. I am looking for flights as soon as I post this. My reaction cannot be expressed in words, but this YouTube clips seems appropriate.

Dreams do come true if you work hard enough to go after them!

Where Are You Going?

It happened again. I was asked the question, “Where are you going in life?” The answer always seems to make sense in my head, but never out loud. Maybe if I write what I am thinking out, receive feedback, and take action than maybe it can become clearer where I am going.

I am investing my time part-time at a retail job I have been loyal to for nine years. Nine years. This was my “first” real job that saw potential in me before I saw it in myself. This brings in a steady paycheck when I need it. Some people don’t make it past 4.4 years.

I am building a business that allows me to have freedom. This freedom comes at a price. My effort, work, and time come at a price that does not always equal a paycheck. My résumé is full of experience and growth that words cannot describe until you hear about my journey.

I am growing and developing relationships. No, I won’t work on your marketing for free. I do want to learn from you and hope you can learn from me. You can define this as a friendship or working relationships because I saw value in you and like being around you. Don’t take advantage of me for telling you that.

I am paying bills that don’t seem to end. I have 13 more car payments until my car is mine. There is no co-signer on my loan, it is just me. My 2006 Honda Pilot was my first investment toward my future and it isn’t going to be the last. Sallie Mae is flooding my e-mails, so she will be the next investment to pay off after my car.

I am saving for a better future. I heard about an opportunity to rent a place near the area I have always wanted to live. The truth is, I don’t know if I can afford it long-term. I could make it work, but not knowing for sure is what worries me. The reality is my savings is scarce to support my business and it hasn’t paid me back, yet. I don’t have a nest egg from my parents like other people I know.

I am trying not to be negative. I see other people putting down payments on houses, moving in the next stages of their lives, and yet I am still in this season. The season of not knowing where this road will lead but it is the road I have traveled on for some time.

So, where am I going? The truth is, the road ahead of this one isn’t clear enough for me to know. For once I have peace knowing it’s all going to work out. I have my dreams that remind me of a vision I have for myself. When I move into the next chapter of my life, I can look back and see when and where I took the jump. Until then, I am growing and finding inspiration to keep moving toward my dreams.

Thank you, mom, Thelma and Jason for not making me feeling alone. And for everyone else, thank you for reading this and may we help one another find out where we are going together.

Once your dreams start becoming your reality, the possibilities are endless and the world cannot stop you.

On Wednesday, I posted this on Facebook:

@IamRachal FB status update

@IamRachal FB status update

Two days later, let me tell you how excited I am I pushed myself then to see what’s happening in my life today.

The meeting I had made myself go on Wednesday set my thinking process in motion. The message gave me a new direction to consider, which aligned with the meeting I had this morning. This past week, I have persevered knowing I am on the verge of a new season of letting go of fear, erasing the doubt from my life, and to start the path I choose to follow.

There isn’t a guide-book to life. As an entrepreneur, I find myself with a burning desire to continue connecting my ambition with my dreams. (So what, isn’t dreaming what got you here in the first place?) I had dreams to set my schedule, it happened. I had a business goal to work for Every Nation Campus Harvest; I’m doing it. I had a dream to share my story and encourage others; I get to do that with every blog post and speaking event I attend.

Once your dreams start becoming your reality, the possibilities are endless and the world cannot stop you.

@IamRachal original

@IamRachal original

I challenge YOU with this: If you have the will, you will find a way. Now, what’s stopping you? How can I help?

Whatever I think, I become

A new month is a new month. We know it happens because we have seen it over and over again. A new way of thinking is something we have to work for every single day. When a new month approaches, I make a habit to reflect on how productive my business was in the past 30 days.

If I can be honest with you, April was a great month. I went on a family vacation and flew over to NYC for a client conference. All this sounds great and the events that took place truly were! It’s when I got back from this high, I hit an all-time low. I saw my funds and what was coming up. I got upset. I knew I was doing great things with my business but my banking account didn’t show it.

I was in a solitary funk. I knew I had a mountain of uncertainty in front of me. Can I go on? How can I get around this? I knew if I was going to climb out of this funk, I had to change my thinking.

Why doubt my ability now when I have come so far to get here? Every day I wake up and ask for strength and purpose. Has my purpose changed since I accepted the gifting I have used to build my business? No. I just let my mindset get the best of me by thinking I could float through the seasons. I need to encourage myself with a new mindset everyday to move instead of standing still for too long.

I know whatever I think I become; therefore, I want to think great things so I can become someone who succeeded in pursing their dreams.

I Think, I Become

Photo credit:  Beautiful Scenery Wallpaper

SOAK Philosphy

I received the prayers and support I needed to take my trip to NYC for Campus Harvest. I have family in Buffalo, which is six hours away from the “Big Apple”, so I have been fortune enough to roam upstate New York to see how things have changed. Oh, how many things have changed. All these thoughts left me to SOAK in how far I have come since the last time I was here.

When was the last time I …

saw snow?
caught myself from biting a nail from nerves or boredom?
didn’t wear makeup?
threw on a jacket and played outside?
took a walk in the park to hear nature?
had lunch and kept my phone in my purse?
slept in and let sunlight wake me up?
took a bubble bath?
read a book?

I have been in New York for eight days and I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am to be here! I will be flying to NYC on Wednesday. A part of me is thrilled beyond words while the other part of me is taking moments like this all in. I am SOAKing in what is now and hopeful for what is to come.

 When was the last time you SOAKed?

Speak words of assurance of truth and faith
Observe where I am now, where I have come, and where I am going
take Action to move forward
Keep balance and repeat

Love Begins With Loving Yourself

Love Begins With Loving Yourself

For as long as I could remember, it seemed everyone around me had someone special in their life. All the while, I held on to what has kept me strong–my faith. I felt that my heart was ready to love someone, but felt like there was a hedge of protection on me that was saving me for what was coming. (How do I know this?) I could feel rather quickly by being around someone if we were going to hit off or not. Most of the time, I didn’t feel that spark everyone talks about.

When I gave up on searching for my special someone, I asked God to show me His love for me. I knew He was present in my life, but I wanted to SEE and FEEL the love He had for me. I wanted my heart to feel the warmth of affection and flutter of endless joy.

In return, I have seen hearts that have brought me to absolute tears knowing they were divine tokens from above. You can call me crazy, but I know this was an answered prayer. In addition to finding hearts in nature, my heart became soft for others. My empathy increased as I did what I could to turn other people’s sadness or emptiness into a newfound joy I had found. Sometimes I like to think I made someone’s day with a simple smile or few words of encouragement.

Love isn’t something you give to another without having it overflow into your own life. Love begins with loving yourself. Look from within yourself and learn to love yourself completely. Be nice to who you are and watch who you become.

If you are empty on the inside and rush to the world to fill you, you will always be searching for a refill. Trust me, when you can accept your own flaws and habits then you can start to share your love with another.

Learning to Love the Process


With the new year approaching, I have been reflecting on the current year and setting new goals. If you have been reading my blog or know me, often I have a problem with waiting. It’s ironic how I can have all the patience in the world with my clients and customers, but when it comes to my own circumstance I have close to none. How can this be possible?

I realized through readings from author, Rick Warren and words from a business and life coach, I am not trusting the process. My impatience is not a sign of immaturity but rather an ability to see the outcome before I take one step. Read that again.

It is easier to be patient with my clients and customers because the process is the same. The story or problem might the same but it is presented to me from different people over and over again. It is my job to fix it and make things right.

When it comes to my business or personal growth, the process is foreign to me. I don’t have all the steps figured out quite yet. I am learning as I go along, which may be a good or bad thing — I’m not sure yet. With this revelation, I am determined to stick with it. I need to trust more, doubt less, and eventually I’ll learn to love the process.

How did you develop a process for yourself?