Grab a Neuro And Finish the Work Day Strong

Are you the type of person who is self-motivated or needs caffeine to tackle the day? I am a combination of both. Working long hours takes a toll on my body. I try to stay “fueled” by eating portioned out homemade meals, exercise, and limiting my consumption of sugar. What keeps you moving throughout the … Continue reading

6 Ways to Overcome Social Media Overload

We all know social media helps us stay connected to those near and far away. I can browse through wedding and baby albums and send my congratulations in seconds. In return, I can share my adventures with my Handsome and others can see what we are doing since he has been back from training. Staying … Continue reading

How to Give Respect In a “It’s All About Me” World.

Respect is not given, it is earned. Without looking in a dictionary or “Googling” the word respect what does it mean? Ask two people and you will give two different answers. We are to give respect to one another. If my definition is different than yours, how does one known how to give proper respect? … Continue reading

Am I Wrong to Believe There is Hope in Front of Me?

Life is about moving forward. If we move backward, then we are living in the past. Reflect on the past to propel yourself further but sometimes progress is s-l-o-w. Times like this are to remind us, we are growing in an area of our life that took years to develop. Our mindset is always evolving … Continue reading

Are You Flying Off The Seat of Your Pants? Forecast Before You Launch

Are you flying off the seat of your pants? Are you moving from one appointment to the next? Does your week run together? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this article is for you. This article will highlight tips to forecast your week, tools to use, and how to manage your time … Continue reading

Stop! Collaborate and Listen in Conversation

I woke up with an idea of what to share today and was interrupted by the phrase, ” Stop, collaborate and listen… “. What was the last time you stopped, collaborated with someone, and really listened to them? In my line of work, these are three foundational steps toward a relationship. “If there was a … Continue reading

You Are Not Defined By Your Job

When our days run together, we exhaust ourselves and ruin the opportunity to relax. Today’s Friday Focus is a reminder to live in the moment. Our commitments to our jobs and other responsibilities take priority. This can run our days but it is the small windows of opportunities to embrace the moments we live for. … Continue reading