My Three Words in 2014

Inspired by Chris Brogan in 2013, I decided to carry it on another year. These three words are suppose to shape your goals, resolution, and direction for the upcoming year. In the past, I have encouraged myself with:

Yes I Can.

I Will Learn.

I am Me.

I Will Live.

I have evolved my business and my life since then and continue to move forward with these three words:

Divide. Separate your life into divisions of responsibilities and priorities. Make a list of what is important and isn’t. When you divide your life into categories to see where you are spending most of your time and where you aren’t.

And. You maybe thinking I should have found a more profound word here, but hear me out. The word “and” leaves room for something more. When I finish my to do list, I feel accomplished “and” I need to reward myself. For every action I take, I need to react accordingly. The word “And” reminds me to seek balance in all that I do.

Conquer. Don’t put off what seems impossible. Start small to get closer to your goals. When you see progress it acts as a motivator driving you toward the finish line. Conquer what seems impossible today because tomorrow is a whole new battle.

What are your three words in 2014?


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