Hard Work + Determination = Opportunity

When I went to Campus Harvest in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina in March, I was expecting great things. Afterward, I knew the path to follow my gifts and talents ahead of me was not going to be easy.

The path of self-motivation to see the bigger picture has often left me uncertain. When my gifting wore thin, doubt walked itself over. To regain my determination, I had to seek out life-giving people to lead me to a better place. The words I received from each leader in my life reminded me to work hard and to keep going. Now many months later, I am starting to see great things come to life.

Within the past week, I became an online community builder for Campus Harvest for the month of December through my business, RT Consulting. Yesterday, I wrote my first blog post, e-blast snap shots, and social media content for Every Nation’s Campus Harvest. I have written such things for my business and other clients, but to write for the organization I had as a goal in mind is hard to fathom.

Let me try.

I was still in college when I started helping organizations in 2010. Needless to say, I quickly found the entrepreneurial spirit. Almost three years later, I have gained a business coach and have surrounded myself with great leaders who have “all been there” where I am now. The vision I had for myself helped form RT Consulting. I represent a company that wants to help individuals and organizations start the conversation to connect them with their customers. Some people have called this a “B2C Liaison” while others call me a connector. I call myself a community builder.

I made goals and check points to keep my business moving. The second to last check point I had made was to work with Every Nation and Campus Harvest. Now that I am doing simply that– it’s time to work on my last check point, and that is to do my business full-time. As I continue to strive to work at this full-time, I need to set new goals and check points.

It’s hard to put into words how far I have come with the hard work, dedication, and the support and influence of many others to have this opportunity in front of me. All I have is my gratitude… thank you!


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