When I look into the mirror…

… I don’t recognize myself. Is it because I’m finally seeing a 24 year old body catch up to how old my mind feels?

For the past few weeks, I have gone on three different interviews to obtain an internship for the fall term to graduate in December. I just had my last interview today and I am unsure how it went. It seems this past month I’ve been doing what the world is telling to me to do. I am trying to follow the rules to get where I need to be, a graduate with a BA degree. Well, let me know tell following this path has taken a toll on me.

Right now, as I type this I just want to see the world differently, capture it, and encourage others to look at his or her own world differently. Step out from the ordinary and follow your heart and never look back. If I took my own advice, I would be in a park people watching in between yoga and writing down what I feel. I can assure you that feeling beats the feeling I have in the pit of my stomach:  uncertainty.

The devotional I am reading to trying to help be Build Better Relationships. The last lesson I just learned reminded me my calling is not all about me. My calling is to build the kingdom and reach out to people. Am I doing that? By following the rules the world has put in front of me is preventing me from following a different path.


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